Customer Reviews for Prime mover

This was their second chance,again over an hour late! :-( I communicate with the team that I needed them at 10:00 AM on Sunday, and they indicated they could do the job. When I contacted them at 10:15 asking where they were still picking up the crew. At 10:30 they were asking for the address again.

Pam C. | Mishawaka, IN

(Reviewed on 01/16/2022)

The crew worked very quickly and were very polite. However, they were over an hour late. The did text me and told me they would be late, just not how late. Because they were polite and quick I was willing to give them a second chance. I know that life happens and sometimes a prior job takes longer t

Pam C. | Mishawaka, IN

(Reviewed on 01/16/2022)

They didn’t come with cleaning supplies. Nothing was cleaned the bathroom and kitchen didn’t get cleaned. The stove wasn’t cleaned neither was the refrigerator. I had to go back the next day and completely cleaned everything I thought I was paying for. I would never recommend or use this service aga

Gabrielle P. | Michigan City, IN

(Reviewed on 11/27/2021)

All gentlemen were very accommodating. I would definitely recommend them!

Cierra J. | Merrillville, IN

(Reviewed on 10/26/2021)

Ricky P. | merrillville, IN

(Reviewed on 10/02/2021)

Devin J. | Chicago, IL

(Reviewed on 10/02/2021)

Hard workers

Chayanta S. | Oswego, IL

(Reviewed on 10/01/2021)

The guys were great and fast.

James K. | Frankfort, IL

(Reviewed on 09/27/2021)

The crew were a couple hours late, but got straight to work and got everything I needed moved and loaded. I was overall satisfied.

Benjamin S. | PORTAGE, IN

(Reviewed on 09/27/2021)

The guys were really nice, courteous and on time! I would definitely use them again!

Cameron M. | Minooka, IL

(Reviewed on 09/26/2021)

Alane L. | Woodstock, IL

(Reviewed on 09/25/2021)

Movers complained that items were heavy, they were very rough with the items, scraped /dented doors, walls, etc., dropped a piece or two (fortunately there were no signs of damage). The took frequent breaks, more than past experiences, then had a few items left and said I needed to pay an extra hour

Mark O. | West Dundee, IL

(Reviewed on 09/13/2021)