Customer Reviews for Select Moving

KELLY B. | Abbotsford, BC

(Reviewed on 03/24/2023)

Tanner C. | Vancouver, BC

(Reviewed on 03/23/2023)

Booked guys for 2 hours and got it done in 1. Super fast and efficient.

Jamie B. | Coquitlam, BC

(Reviewed on 03/19/2023)

David D. | Surrey, BC

(Reviewed on 03/18/2023)

PAUL S. | coquitlam, BC

(Reviewed on 03/17/2023)

They responded very quickly, helpers came out, completed the job in a timely manner, helpers were also cautious not to cause any damage to the building or apartment. Definitely recommend it.

May H. | Kelowna, BC

(Reviewed on 03/14/2023)


(Reviewed on 03/12/2023)

The guys were very kind and helped a lot.

Marco C. | Burnaby, BC

(Reviewed on 03/11/2023)

The moving crew showed up 20 minutes late. While the crew moved my friend's stuff somewhat adequately, you could tell that they were not professional movers, they told me they were just in it for the temporary money. They took longer than the allotted time so I had to pay more for additional time. They did not really use any of the moving blankets we provided for the furniture to protect same, I had to ask them to use the blankets as some of the furniture would have been damaged otherwise. They only used the few blankets while the items were in the truck. I shouldn't have to ask for that, they should automatically do it. At the unloading address, it was raining and because of the blankets not being used, all of the furniture and some of the boxes were wet. I sent a communication to the owner to address our complaint but he refused to respond to me or address any of our concerns. While some aspects were just OK, overall, I would not recommend this company for your move.

Robyn R. | Langley, BC

(Reviewed on 03/08/2023)

Ahamed S. | Surrey, BC

(Reviewed on 03/06/2023)

The movers arrived about 15 min late and called me surprised that there was no truck parked in front while I had indicated in the comments that we were switching furnitures between two units. They took 40 min on one couch and couldnt get it out until I suggested they stop and prioritise getting all the rest first otherwise we would have wasted more time. Eventually my friend came later and we managed to take it out with me guiding and 1 other mover. The team of 3 didnt seem very organised and wasn't communicating in english between them which made it difficult to understand what they were after and interact. They asked the payment code 10 min before the end of the booked time too, while there was lots of work still to do, including basic things like re-connecting the feet of the couch they had disassembled previously and so on. Overall, it was the cheapest and I didn't really have much expectations so it's ok. The major issue is that they actually broke a floor lamp in the process.

Anna L. | North Vancouver, BC

(Reviewed on 03/06/2023)

Devyn W. | Port Coquitlam, BC

(Reviewed on 03/04/2023)