Customer Reviews for Christ Movement LLC

1st Hour they are very slow, 2nd hour preety fast. Quick turnaround.

Sumon B. | Portland, OR

(Reviewed on 01/23/2023)

Louis & Charles were the best part of the day. We were so tired and overwhelmed that they just came in smiling and pleased and did the job. They never sat down and lifted all the heavy stuff carefully, thoughtfully, and quickly. They were great. Worth every penny. Thank you!

Julie G. | Palestine, TX

(Reviewed on 12/29/2022)

Employees came to job late and had a very strong smell of marijuana when they finally arrived. Company was informed after the move and accused me of misunderstanding because their employees stated they didn't smoke anything (obviously if that is company policy, they would not say they had been). Also, the movers (using this loosely) were extremely slow and took a single item at a time and waited for the elevator every chance they could. These people were not professional, they were barely capable of moving furniture without explicit instructions on how. Additionally, they had no clue how to load a truck, lots of empty space left over and items were stacked and caused damage. Horrible experience and this company is preying on people with their company name. I would question their 'Christian' devotion after how I was treated when reporting issues to them.

Keith H. | IRVING, TX

(Reviewed on 12/22/2022)


(Reviewed on 12/20/2022)

Ihor M. | Dallas, TX

(Reviewed on 12/14/2022)

Dee and his partner did a wonderful job today. They were careful, efficient and nice.

Mary H. | Coppell, TX

(Reviewed on 12/11/2022)

The delay was a bit frustrating, but your workers made up for it. They were amazing.

Mitchell H. | McKinney, TX

(Reviewed on 12/11/2022)

Camille S. | Cedar Hill, TX

(Reviewed on 12/04/2022)

Christ Movement was an absolute pleasure to have working with our out of state move.. they're professional courteous and very easy to work with...

Loretta Thomas C. | Dallas, TX

(Reviewed on 12/03/2022)

Kennedy M. | Burleson, TX

(Reviewed on 12/02/2022)

Everything was great! I will definitely use them again. Thanks for the help!

Roy H. | Willis, TX

(Reviewed on 12/01/2022)

One of the movers dropped an iron on my toe. Then, after I gracefully tipped them, another one of the movers called me a racist and vulgar name. I reported to the manager. Tiffany supported his behavior an titled me as the problem. Sad, they use God as a reference, embarrassing. Never will use again.

Corissa W. | CONVERSE, TX

(Reviewed on 12/01/2022)