Customer Reviews for Wdr

Jill T. | Mobile, AL

(Reviewed on 07/24/2022)

These two guys could not be harder workers or more dedicated. They did an outstanding job fitting everything into the truck, and they used up as much space in that truck as possible. They worked overtime to make sure that everything would be packed away, and they did not finish until the work was do

Kimberly P. | Mobile, AL

(Reviewed on 07/24/2022)

For starters they were an hour and 40 minutes late with no type of communication whatsoever as to why or even mentioning that they would be late. Tried to be understanding of the hot weather, but noticed they took a lot of breaks and I do mean a lot. Upon their departure I noticed that they left sev

Raquan M. | Mobile, AL

(Reviewed on 07/23/2022)

I paid for 2 helpers and got 1 and my husband had to help load the truck.

Amanda L. | Freeport, TX

(Reviewed on 07/10/2022)

These guys worked very hard in sweltering heat. They did a great job.

Gerard L. | Citronelle, AL

(Reviewed on 06/14/2022)

Dresser lost a knob also had nice size dents in it by the time it made to its location

Monique M. | Mobile, AL

(Reviewed on 05/01/2022)

Chrystin F. | Creola, AL

(Reviewed on 04/08/2022)

Thankful to have their assistance!!

Lisa G. | Mobile, AL

(Reviewed on 01/07/2022)

Sherymica G. | Mobile, AL

(Reviewed on 11/24/2021)

Wesley and his partner were hard workers.

Chrysta V. | Amherst, OH

(Reviewed on 10/30/2021)

Mark L. | Homewood, AL

(Reviewed on 10/29/2021)

Great service! Fast, Cautious, Professional


(Reviewed on 10/26/2021)