Customer Reviews for Wow Service

Guys were careful with the furniture and courteous and extremely helpful.

Philip Y. | Maitland, FL

(Reviewed on 08/01/2019)

Scott C. | Lakeland, FL

(Reviewed on 07/02/2019)

The guys were very professional, they unloaded the truck in no time. Thank you so much.

Andrew T. | Montgomery, AL

(Reviewed on 06/09/2019)

Josh and Jorge were great and very fast and careful. Great service. Thanks.

Tom T. | Succasunna, NJ

(Reviewed on 05/20/2019)

Emily O. | Lakeland, FL

(Reviewed on 04/12/2019)

Emily O. | Lakeland, FL

(Reviewed on 04/07/2019)

Thomas G. | Sparrows Point, MD

(Reviewed on 04/02/2019)

worked hard and quickly

Dwight O. | Sebastian, FL

(Reviewed on 02/27/2019)

Chris and Hakeem were excellent! They were professional and very knowledgeable about packing U-Box boxes. I would definitely use them again!


(Reviewed on 09/10/2018)

had to pay for 2 hours for a move that took 39 minutes....... The guys who came were very nice.

Andrea N. | Lakeland, FL

(Reviewed on 06/19/2018)

Greatest pair of guys that I have had the pleasure to work for me.

Cathy M. | Green Valley, Az

(Reviewed on 08/26/2017)

careful, friendly, listened to instructions, overall very happy with them. Very professional

Anne A. | Rockford, IL

(Reviewed on 06/23/2017)