Customer Reviews for Spartan Movers

We had a little issue due to the second worker not showing up because he was sick. They quickly were able to get someone else to come out to help. The first worker arrived on time and got started without help. Overall they were great!

Chelsea M. | Kent City, MI

(Reviewed on 11/23/2019)

Outstanding team. Thank you!

Walter Y. | Medina, OH

(Reviewed on 11/21/2019)

Damaged my new refrigerator trying to force it out the door...put a big gash in back and scratched the door handles in front

Jackie B. | South Bend, IN

(Reviewed on 11/08/2019)

Steven G. | South Windsor, CT

(Reviewed on 11/06/2019)

The men were great to work with, very hard working and very professional...

Albert J. S. | Syracuse, NY

(Reviewed on 11/03/2019)

The gentleman were very nice and worked very hard. This is my second time using their services. I would recommend them highly. I am very big on customer service and they continue to exceed my expectations. My pre consultation was also highly effective, professional, and helpful. Thank you!!!

Felicia D. | Kalamazoo, MI

(Reviewed on 10/30/2019)

These guys are great! Friendly, fast and strong! Super courtious!

STEPHANIE F. | South Bend, IN

(Reviewed on 10/25/2019)

Michael S. | Decatur, MI

(Reviewed on 10/22/2019)

I would recommend using Spartan Movers.

DAMOND T. | Kalamazoo, MI

(Reviewed on 10/19/2019)

Excellent and efficient movers. My unpacking crew even complimented the loading that Spartan Movers did.

Paige D. | South Bend, IN

(Reviewed on 10/17/2019)

Very easy and helpful!

Alexandra D. | Carmel, IN

(Reviewed on 10/12/2019)

Very efficient, friendly and helpful! I would use them again.

DANIELLE P. | Kalamazoo, MI

(Reviewed on 10/11/2019)