Customer Reviews for Moving Specialist

Peter W. | Lancaster, CA

(Reviewed on 07/25/2020)

Thank you for making my move to Ridgecrest easier!

Maria L. | Bakersfield, CA

(Reviewed on 07/20/2020)

I showed the movers both storage units and then my apartment. I asked them to load the storage units first, but I was told that they would only take a half hour and they wanted to start on the apartment first. I said fine, but after they loaded the apartment they loaded half of one storage unit a

William A. | Keene, CA

(Reviewed on 06/27/2020)

Very tough job; loading on a high temperature day. Long day; extensive time required to get furniture well loaded. Mike's planning paid off; Prescott AZ unloading team impressed by quality of loading.

Christian S. | Riverside, CA

(Reviewed on 06/12/2020)

Excellent work; very hot day for a loading operation. Well planned by Mike; good teamwork by he and his staff.

Christian S. | Riverside, CA

(Reviewed on 06/12/2020)

Mike, Tay (sp) and Jay were FANTASTIC!!! I hired them to load my U-Haul from my storage facility. They were on time and worked their butts off in Ridgecrest, CA heat - not dilly-dallying at all. They were courteous, professional and the end result of how they packed the U-Haul was AMAZING!!! I h

Kelley R. | Ventura, CA

(Reviewed on 06/07/2020)

My Uhaul truck had broken down and we needed a new one. 15' truck got towed to the nearest Uhaul, and the movers showed up shortly after. Two guys moved everything from the old one (packed about as full as you can get it!) Into the new one in just under an hour and a half! Thoroughly impressed!

Jeremy D. | Phoenix, AZ

(Reviewed on 06/01/2020)

The move went well overall. Mike and his crew were very organized with packing the truck. No issues with damaging items or breaking items. They were on time and finished the job on time. I would recommend them for your moving needs. Thanks.

Lynne W. | Los Angeles, CA

(Reviewed on 05/28/2020)

William D. | Skokie, IL

(Reviewed on 05/28/2020)

Thomas H. | Ridgecrest, CA

(Reviewed on 05/15/2020)

These gentlemen helped me out a great deal. My move-in was relatively short notice, and my u-box delivery didn’t go exactly as originally planned (the boxes had to be left further away from my unit than i wanted) but that didn’t phase these individuals in the least. They kept one of the most positi

Jeffrey V. | Sierra Vista, AZ

(Reviewed on 05/13/2020)

The guys were very helpful and went our of their way provide a great service.

Juan Z. | Plumas Lake, CA

(Reviewed on 05/07/2020)