Customer Reviews for People Helping People Moving

Great team.

Maya A. | Seattle, WA

(Reviewed on 07/21/2019)

They stayed later to make up for the time they were late but I was leaving cross country same day so that put me behind schedule before we even started. Move itself was pretty slow compared to previous moves I’ve done. Took a chunk out of my doorframe that will eat up a big piece of my security depo

Andrew S. | Seattle, WA

(Reviewed on 07/17/2019)

Office staff were thorough and communicative. One of our movers was amazing. The other hardly lifted a finger.

Ciera G. | Renton, WA

(Reviewed on 07/15/2019)

Efficient, professional and great service.

Elena P. | Seattle, WA

(Reviewed on 07/14/2019)

The movers were very professional and beyond helpful. I really appreciated their work ethic.

Rogena G. | Tacoma, WA

(Reviewed on 07/14/2019)

The movers were really friendly and helpful. They helped with dis-assembling and wrapping all the larger items. They made everything seem simple and were very quick as well.

Ranjith M. | Bellevue, WA

(Reviewed on 07/13/2019)

Marty and Sterling were awesome! They worked hard and fast, were polite and good communicators, and all around nice guys. I'd hire them again in a heartbeat

Kimberly V. | Berkeley, CA

(Reviewed on 07/13/2019)

Linnea T. | Olympia, WA

(Reviewed on 07/08/2019)

Andrew V. | Bellevue, WA

(Reviewed on 07/08/2019)

Judy J. | Ellensburg, WA

(Reviewed on 07/07/2019)

David A. | Bainbridge Island, WA

(Reviewed on 07/06/2019)

Extremely helpful, courteous, and well worth the money! They didn’t stop for three straight hours. Thank you!

Jennette M. | Puyallup, WA

(Reviewed on 07/04/2019)