Customer Reviews for Myrtle Beach Movers Company

Would not recommend.

Myles S. | Durham, NC

(Reviewed on 09/23/2020)

Patrick Hill of Myrtle Beach Movers®? Company and his team, Chris and Robert, were: Efficient, Considerate, and Exceptionally Bright Patrick has a great system to use a 3-worker team, and I highly recommend Myrtle Beach Movers®? Company! I tipped Patrick and his two movers $100 cash total as they

Debra C. | Fredericksburg, VA

(Reviewed on 08/31/2020)

The team was very professional and took extra time to make sure everything was loaded safely to avoid damaging items

Bram R. | Little River, Sc

(Reviewed on 08/28/2020)

This was a difficult move from a POD, down the street and up stairs to 2nd floor. Everything started out well, but as the heat increased, they started to melt down. Movers did wear masks most of the time, which I greatly appreciate. They were professional and pleasant, but not as willing and help

Janet S. | Tucson, AZ

(Reviewed on 08/11/2020)

The showed up on time and hustled the full move. Very hardworking and very good communication.

Theresa P. | Myrtle Beach, SC

(Reviewed on 08/10/2020)

Patrick and his guys did a great job, on time, courteous and I would recommend them for my next move.

Derek R. | Little River, SC

(Reviewed on 08/07/2020)

Pat and team handled the job in a professional manner.

Stephen P. | Mt. Pleasant, SC

(Reviewed on 08/01/2020)

Pam W. | Catawba, SC

(Reviewed on 06/02/2020)