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How does Moving Help® work?

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Search - Read customer reviews and compare prices for moving services. All local mover prices are displayed so there are no hidden costs or fees to you. Then you choose the Moving Helper based on your packing and moving needs.

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Connect - No waiting. Receive local moving companies and their contact information immediately, call them directly and discuss your plans for packing help and local moving labor services.

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Move - You are in complete control of your move! Our moving labor does not receive payment until the moving services are completed to your satisfaction. Once satisfied, simply give the Moving Helper the Payment Code and let us do the rest!

What our customers say...

The moving help we received was EXCELLENT; they had all our stuff moved in well ahead of their time frame. They arrived on time and were incredibly courteous. I would recommed them to anyone!

Michelle H. Nashville, TN
Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I would give 10 stars if possible. Some of the best $ spent in some time. They were willing to re-schedule, super fast, super friendly, and amazing packers. Even willing to remove some things for me.

Benjamin N. Swainsboro, GA
Customer rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Finding Help for Packing and Loading

Woman explaining how to find moving labor help on when you need packing or loading help.

It's easy to find local Moving Helpers™ to help you pack and load your rental truck.

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Revolutionary Moving Labor Service

Moving Helpers show how to load and unload a U-Haul rental moving truck. Loading and driving services shown.

Moving Helpers™ can cut your move time in half. Move easier in less time.

Discover the Moving Help® difference

  • Stay in control. Your rental truck, in your name, keeps you always in control of your possessions. You pay when you're completely satisfied, using our patented secure Payment Code.
  • Instant Moving Help™ quotes. Competitive prices for moving services.
  • Lowest Moving Company prices. No hidden fees. No additional charges.
  • Your Possession, your needs. Moving Helpers™ will do only what you direct them to. They are there to provide assistance with your specific needs.
  • Unedited customer reviews. Read comments directly from customers.
  • You select the best Moving Helpers™. Read reviews, view prices and you make the choice.
  • Safe Buying Guarantee. All your money is refundable if you cancel your order.
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* Moving Helpers are not available for the purpose of Intrastate household moves in the state of Florida. For more information, please visit or call 800-HELP-FLA (435-7352)