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Nice guy and willing to do a little extra by moving furniture around

John R. | San Diego, CA

(Reviewed on 01/05/2022)

The entire team was great. They took the time and effort to efficiently load the truck so that everything fit!

Kenneth S. | San Diego, CA

(Reviewed on 12/17/2021)

I will not leave any tip because they worked much less hours than the paid hours. This is their tip

Mauro J. | Menifee, CA

(Reviewed on 12/17/2021)

Quick and professional!

Priyanka P. | Yorba Linda, CA

(Reviewed on 12/11/2021)

it's been a stressful move, everything that could go wrong did but even though we had to do this last minute they got our U-Haul unpacked so fast and professionally we didn't have to stress at all about it thank you ???? we tipped in what cash we had ($10 each), but adding another $10 each here

Shirley W. | Corona, CA

(Reviewed on 12/01/2021)

5 star crew!! Great service!!

JAIME R. | Lakeside, CA

(Reviewed on 11/29/2021)

They both had a great attitude!

Scott S. | Hemet, CA

(Reviewed on 11/14/2021)

Good workers with good attitudes. Needed direction but moved items quickly.

Nathan F. | Warner Springs, CA

(Reviewed on 11/06/2021)

Great job. Miguel was very helpful and willing to go extra step. Thanks so much. I tipped in cash directly

Kelley M. | Fort Collins, CO

(Reviewed on 11/03/2021)