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Make your move easy with EasyMove. Finding a new location can be hard. Moving doesn't have to be. Our safe, affordable, convenient service is just what you need to make this move easier. Call today!

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Very professional, very helpful, patient and excellent at his job

Albert W. | Decatur, GA

(Reviewed on 02/27/2021)

Aliasgar S. | Watkinsville, GA

(Reviewed on 02/08/2021)

The fastest and easiest move ever! Right on time, great communication, just fantastic! Will book them again.

Patricia L. | Boston, MA

(Reviewed on 02/06/2021)

Easy Move LLC. was professional and very efficient!

Elisa G. | Decatur, GA

(Reviewed on 01/19/2021)

LeRoy B. | Arvada, CO

(Reviewed on 12/17/2020)

Trace and his team are extremely professional and pleasant to deal with! I was most impressed with the fact that he contacted me to schedule my unloading before the first set of movers even contacted me to schedule the load! I had peace of mind on my 1200-mile travel knowing that my unloading was al

Stefonie Y. | Mount Holly, NJ

(Reviewed on 11/25/2020)

Trace and his righthand man were so helpful, and despite being told the wrong place to go by their assignment, they kept me updated on everything, and took care of everything while packing up the box. They were great!

Nadine C. | Decatur, GA

(Reviewed on 11/24/2020)

Very nice guy! Was very quick.

Katherine M. | Decatur, GA

(Reviewed on 11/15/2020)

I hired Trace and his crew to load an out-of-state storage unit into a UBox to be shipped to me. They were great about coordination and details ahead of time, arrived promptly, and were super professional and kind the whole time. My family said it was a joy to watch them expertly pack the container.

Adam R. | Stone Mountain, GA

(Reviewed on 11/11/2020)