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Professional mover w/35 years experience. Local for Residential/Commercial moves. I learned my profession from old school movers. We move furniture properly providing the best moving experience.

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Service was fantastic. Really came through when the other service canceled 12 hours before arrival. My only complaint was smoking inside the truck, but he was only doing so to make sure he could get the job done in a timely manner.

Ben A. | Fayetteville, NC

(Reviewed on 06/29/2024)

I have a hard time writing reviews of this nature. I very much appreciated the prompt availability of James and his crew. However I soon found out his crew didn’t really know each other and one of the crew members, a woman, was clearly on drugs and homeless. She asked me a few times what I was doing with moving blankets after time together. She was the source of a few items becoming broken which is why I think James was trying to keep a close eye on her and micromanage everything. Multiple times James referred to her as ‘the girl’ or ‘her’ because he didn’t know her name and finally asked her toward the end. He also didn’t seem to know one of the other men who was working with him. His buddy John and the other man Steve were great helpers and took a lot of very direct and sometimes mean comments from James. The piano moving service was the best part of the service and I am pleased to have my piano safely moved.

Catherine D. | Redding, CA

(Reviewed on 11/22/2023)

eh...not exceptional----I tipped the handlers in person. They were great. The person who did the actual packing of the boxes didn't protect items well enough and there was some damage to a few things. The people who loaded the boxes onto the truck were great.

Ellie L. | AMHERST, NH

(Reviewed on 09/21/2023)

I tipped in cash each of the helpers. Please refund the $5.95 for posting this review.

Ellie L. | AMHERST, NH

(Reviewed on 09/21/2023)

They were friendly, professional, and really hustled!

Hannah S. | Buffalo, NY

(Reviewed on 09/05/2023)

James did a great job with our move from a storage facility to an upstairs apartment. Definitely recommend his services.

Jackie P. | Berkeley Heigh, NJ

(Reviewed on 09/01/2023)

They were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them.

Robert F. | South Portland, ME

(Reviewed on 07/30/2023)

Tip paid in cash to helpers

Brian B. | South Portland, ME

(Reviewed on 11/18/2022)

Colin K. | Wrentham, MA

(Reviewed on 10/22/2022)