Customer Reviews for Effective Movers

Fast, efficient and helpful!

Kimberly W. | Oshkosh, WI

(Reviewed on 06/22/2024)

Excellent service and great customer support and helped to move my stuff on time!

Raghava S. | Fremont, CA

(Reviewed on 06/19/2024)

Manage was not cooperative and was not interesting in addressing my concerns.


(Reviewed on 06/09/2024)

they were helpful in providing tools we didnt have. they were also hard working

Latosha A. | Milwaukee, WI

(Reviewed on 06/05/2024)

These guys really hustled and did professional, safe work. Excellent

Mike B. | Madison, WI

(Reviewed on 05/31/2024)

The movers were GREAT! I was late to the agreed time because of issues with UHaul and they were able to work with me on that. They were VERY careful with my things and fit way more items into the moving truck than I thought we could. All movers were extremely helpful, nice, and efficient. Would absolutely go with them again.

Allison W. | Oshkosh, WI

(Reviewed on 05/30/2024)

Great movers!! Moved fast and handled everything with care.

Kerrie M. | West Bend, WI

(Reviewed on 05/21/2024)

Our movers were great. They were on time and made sure to get everything loaded that we needed.

Lori H. | Port Washington, WI

(Reviewed on 05/04/2024)

Professional, hard working and friendly.

Michael D. | Grapevine, TX

(Reviewed on 04/29/2024)

The two movers were very respectful, and used their time efficiently to complete the move. They were very kind and I would definitely recommend this service to anyone.

Chaimaa M. | West Allis, WI

(Reviewed on 04/27/2024)

- Their boss dropped them off 15 minutes late - tried to say there was a hefty up charge for where the boxes were being dropped off despite that being nowhere on the site throughout the process (I accounted for the drive there and back in the number of hours requested for the job) - didn’t drive their own vehicle (or boss’ vehicle to the unloading spot) instead crammed inside the truck I rented for the move - they ‘left’ 22 minutes early, despite more large items needing to go into the truck, only to stand around on my porch and then lounge around in the back of said truck 46 minutes before wandering up the street. - they worked pretty quickly seeing as nothing I owned was more than 75 lbs Based on these facts you can decide if this moving company is for you.

Adri S. | Wauwatosa, WI

(Reviewed on 04/21/2024)

They were Amazing, super fast, and ultra willing to move all of our belongings with a smile. Couldn't have asked for a better crew

Robert P. | Lafayette, IN

(Reviewed on 04/17/2024)