Services Offered

Need just a little bit of help or are you looking to have a full-service move? You can customize your Moving Help® reservation to include all the moving services you need.

Moving Help is a labor-only service that can be booked by the hour for help with tasks like loading, packing, and cleaning. You also can hire help with assembling furniture, rearranging a storage unit, and more.

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Loading / Unloading

The most common service on the Moving Help Marketplace is two helpers for two hours for loading or unloading. Our expert Service Providers can load or unload all your items such as: 

  • Moving boxes 
  • Furniture 
  • Heavy items 
  • Glassware 
  • Artwork 
  • Electronics 
  • And more 

Our moving labor providers can help you at the loading location only, the unloading location only or help at both locations. You get to decide while avoiding heavy lifting and injury. 

Some of our providers can provide furniture disassembly and assembly. Our Moving Helpers are labor-only providers, so coordinate with them on whether you need to rent any moving equipment from U-Haul. 

Curious to know more about loading and unloading? Dive into our loading and unloading service page, featuring helpful blog posts, which have valuable resources such as downloadable PDFs to help your next move even easier. 

Packing / Unpacking

Our moving labor experts can handle packing or unpacking tasks for you. You supply the packing supplies and materials needed for your belongings for our moving labor providers, allowing you to maintain control over your packing budget. 

If you realize that in thew few remaining days leading up to your moving date or the day of, you need packing or unpacking services. You can add the packing or unpacking service as long as your helpers offer that service.  

Because packing/unpacking service is different from our loading/unloading service, you’d receive two different Payment Codes. One Payment Code for the loading/unloading service, and one Payment Code for the packing/unpacking service.  

Find providers on the Moving Help Marketplace for either your packing needs, unpacking needs, or both. 

Need some information on how to pack more carefully and unpack more quickly? We have plenty of insightful blog posts and resources for you on our packing and unpacking service page to gain helpful knowledge. 

Piano Moving

Pianos, upright, grand, or another type, require careful handling because of their weight, fragility, and bulkiness. Moving Help specializes in piano moving with some of our professional moving labor providers possessing the knowledge and experience to move your piano safely and keep your home safe. 

A piano moving service is paid per piano, regardless of the time it takes. 

Click and read more about our piano moving service landing page to discover helpful blog posts and resources such as when to tune a piano and how to hire Moving Help piano moving labor. 

U-Box Containers

When you pair Moving Help labor-only providers with U-Box containers, you can create a hands-off experience. Here are your three options: 

  • Delivery only: Moving labor Service Providers deliver containers to your home, you load/unload them yourself, and they return them to the U-Haul location. 
  • Load or unload only: You or U-Haul deliver storage containers, the Moving Helpers load/unload them, and you or U-Haul return them to the U-Haul location. Alternatively, your provider can load/unload them at the U-Haul location. 
  • Delivery with loading and unloading: Service Provider delivers U-Box storage containers to your home, load/unload them, and they return them back to the U-Haul location. 

You can spend some time visiting the U-Box containers services landing page to learn more about how many U-Box storage containers you need, expectations, how to pack the storage container, and many more blog post resources. 


Moving labor providers from the Moving Help Marketplace can help you earn back your full security deposit or cleaning deposit by having them clean after loading your items or clean your home before unloading your belongings. 

You supply all the cleaning supplies, so you have control over what products are used in your home. Cleaning services are paid by the hour. This will save you time, energy, effort, and the hassle of scrubbing your home yourself and leaving your place spotless. 

Cleaning isn’t always easy, which is why visiting our cleaning services landing page will wipe away your worries. You’ll find interesting resources such as apartment cleaning, cleaning an oven, a move out cleaning checklist, and plenty more blog posts. 

Safeload Coverage

Moving Help offers insurance for you during the loading and unloading process, which is our Safeload coverage option. You can choose coverage from $500 to $5,000 with prices ranging from $4 to $22. 

Safeload is offered in most U.S. states, and not available in Canada. Only top-performing Service Providers can offer Safeload after meeting certain criteria. 

If you’re not sure about getting Safeload coverage for your move, check out our Safeload coverage service landing page to gain knowledge about why you should get safeload coverage, how to file a claim, and why you might need moving insurance. 

Gun Safe Moving

Moving Help has moving labor who has the expertise and understands the delicacies of moving a gun safe. Some of our Service Providers who offer gun safe moving services will know how to safely and carefully move your gun safe without damaging it or your home. 

Gun safes are paid per gun safe, regardless of how long it takes. 

Gun safe moving doesn’t have to be scary when you visit our gun safe moving service landing page. You’ll find topics such as how to protect a gun safe, how to hire gun safe moving labor, and a guideline on how to move guns safely.

How to Customize Your Moving Labor Move
No matter what service or services you need, you can find them quickly and easily. You can find all the services you need in three steps. 

  1. Visit Enter the location(s) where you need help. Click on the “Search” button. 
  2. Use the sort and filter options box to find all the services you need on the results page. For mobile users, it’ll be the first box you see. For desktop users, it’ll be on the lefthand side of your screen. 
  3. Click on the “Apply” button, and you’ll find all the moving labor Service Providers on the Moving Help Marketplace who offer those services. 

Picture showing the options within the filter menu.