Moving Help®

  • What is Moving Help®?


    Moving Help® is an online marketplace that connects you to quality laborers. Moving Help® Service Provider(s) provide their labor services for a set price listed on our website. You select which laborer you want based on the reviews they have established by providing their services to other families.

  • How do I use Moving Help®?


    1. Enter your full address and zip code where your services are needed.
    2. The Moving Help® Service Providers should contact you within 24 hours! Talk to your Moving Help® Service Provider(s) to work out all the scheduling details. 
    3. When the job is done to your satisfaction, give them your payment code. It was emailed to you at the time of checkout. 
    4. Provide a review for the next family with all the details of how outstanding your Moving Help® Service Provider(s) performed. 

  • Who can leave Moving Help® reviews?


    Moving Help® reviews can only be placed by customers who have paid to use the service and have administered a Payment Code.

  • What should I expect from the Moving Help® process?


    Once you have made your Moving Help® reservation, your Moving Help® Service Provider should contact you to set up a specific arrival time and go over any details related to your move. When your mover arrives on your moving day, they should introduce themselves and their crew. They should also ask if there is anything they should know before beginning, this the time for you to inform them of any specialty items, extremely fragile items, or if you would like your truck loaded in a specific manner. Once your move has been completed to your satisfaction, you can give your service provider the payment code which will release the funds and allow them to get paid.

  • Are Moving Help® and U-Haul® the same?


    Moving Help® is a sister company of U-Haul®. Both Moving Help® and U-Haul® are subsidiaries of AMERCO.

  • How do I create a Moving Help® account?


    To create a Moving Help® account, please log onto and click on the “My Account” tab. You will be directed to the “My Account” page, where you have the option to click on linked text that reads: “Create an account here”. From that link, you will then be able to make a Moving Help® account.

  •’s Privacy Policy


    We do not sell or trade any information with any non-affiliated companies. We only share the minimum information needed to complete your service with your Moving Help® Service Provider(s). Click here for: Complete Privacy Policy

  •’s Customer Agreement


    Your agreement with outlines important legal information, terms, and conditions of service. Please take the time to read your Customer Agreement.

  • What services are offered through Moving Help®?


    Load/Unload – Moving Help® service providers will load/unload a customer’s goods into or out of their rental equipment. All rates are based on the hourly rates for the crew size. The customer is responsible for all equipment including trucks, trailers, dollies, furniture pads, etc.

    U-Box Load/Unload – Moving Help® service providers will be loading or unloading a customer’s goods into or out of a U-Box storage container. The customer is responsible for all equipment including dollies, furniture pads, etc.

    U-Box Delivery & Load/Unload - Moving Help® Service Provider(s) uses their vehicle to pick up a U-Box trailer that the customer rented at the assigned U-Haul location and deliver the U-Box to the customer’s address. Perform loading or unloading of a customer’s goods into or out of a U-Box. Return the loaded or unloaded U-Box and trailer to a U-Haul location.

    U-Box Delivery Only- Moving Help® Service Providers can offer U-Box Delivery only service for customers who want to load/unload their belongings at their own pace. These will consist of 2 separate jobs. One for the Delivery and one for the Pickup of the U-Box(es).

    Pack/Unpack – Moving Help® service provider packs or unpacks the customers household goods into or out of boxes and storage bins. All rates are based on the hourly rates for the crew size. The customer is responsible for all moving supplies, packing materials, and boxes.

    Cleaning - Moving Help® service provider cleans a customer’s home or apartment. All rates are based on the hourly rates for the crew size. The customer is responsible for all cleaning supplies and equipment.

Moving Help® Service Providers

General Moving

  • How do I hire movers near me?


    You can hire movers near you by visiting and providing the address or addresses where you need help at, please make sure you enter the zip code. Moving Help® will instantly give you local movers available near the location entered.

  • Where can I find last minute movers?


    You can find last minute movers by visiting, entering the location you would like help, select the date and time you need last minute help, view the available movers, then book your reservation and your Moving Help® Service Provider will contact you.

  • How big of a truck do I need?


    You can figure out what size truck you need by using the U-Haul Truck Guide.

  • How do I find a Moving Helper®?


    To find a Moving Helper®, visit and enter the location(s) where you need labor. Read through unedited reviews for local providers available in your area and pick the Moving Helper® that best fits your needs!


  • What is a payment code?


    A payment code is a 6-digit code, which holds your prepaid funds until the job is completed. It is your assurance that all the work is done to your satisfaction! Moving Help® will never release that information without your permission, you are in control of making sure you are happy with the work performed before the Moving Help® Service Provider(s) are paid.

  • Can’t find your payment code?


    Your payment code is located on your receipt, and we also included it in your confirmation email. If you lost your receipt and trashed your email, no problem, sign into your Customer Account it is also available there. If you selected the text message alert option when ordering you can also find your payment code, there or email

  • Can I tip my Moving Help® Service Provider(s)?


    Yes, we encourage tipping!

  • How much do I tip movers?


    A standard amount to tip movers is roughly $20.00 dollars per mover per 2-hour job. You can adjust this amount based on your level of satisfaction with your move. Although not necessary, your movers will deeply appreciate receiving individual tips.

  • Why is my credit card charged when I book?


    Your card is charged immediately, and the funds are placed into escrow to ensure the Moving Help® Service Provider that funds will be available upon the completion of the job. In the event services are no longer needed, a full refund can be processed upon your request.


  • Are there any hidden fees?


    No there are never hidden fees. Any service that you are requesting through the website is all you will need to pay for.

  • Do Moving Help® Service Providers charge for travel time?


    No, travel time is included in your Moving Help® service provider’s hourly rate. The only time you would ever pay for transportation is if you are having a U-Box picked up or delivered.

  • What is the service fee?


    The service fee is a $5.95 charge that can be refunded after completing a customer review. If a customer happens to place their order over the phone with an agent, they will be charged a $9.95 service fee that is non refundable regardless of the completion of a review.

  • Do Moving Help® Service Providers charge per flight of stairs?


    Moving Help® Service Providers do not charge per flight of stairs. Although, we would encourage you to account for how many flights of stairs your job involves when placing your order, seeing as number of stairs will affect how long it may take for your movers to complete the job. On average, each flight of stairs adds roughly 30 minutes to the job.


  • How to contact Moving Help® support?


    To contact Moving Help® support, visit, click on “Customer Support”,once there click “Contact Us”, there you will be able to send us a message. On the “Customer Service” page there is also an option to begin a live chat.

  • Why can’t I talk to someone by telephone?


    We only provide the connection to quality laborers, your communication should be directly with your Moving Help® Service Provider(s), and after all they work for you. In addition, you can reach Moving Help® support anytime via your customer account or

  • What if the Moving Help® Service Provider is done and I am not happy?


    As the Moving Help® Service Provider is only paid once you provide the Payment Code, it is essential to resolve any issues you may have so that they can receive payment and ensure a positive review. If the Moving Help® Service Provider is finished earlier than the booked time, consider having them do other work during the move in, such as taking boxes and items to the trash and general cleanup or even maybe have them do some furniture assembly. If the issue is related to damage, then discuss the reimbursement amount with the Moving Help® Service Provider and exchange the Payment Code in return for an agreed upon amount. If the service wasn't to your liking, you hold the payment and the ability to leave a review. Tell the Moving Help® Service Provider what they need to do to make the situation right. Be flexible and realistic with a resolution, but be firm, you are in control.

  • How can I file a claim?


    You can file a claim by visiting, clicking on “customer support” in the top right-hand corner, from there selecting “Issue Resolution”, and when you have reached the“Resolution Center” you will be able to file a claim.

  • How do I get a refund from Moving Help®?


    If after receiving Moving Help® you are unsatisfied with the outcome of your move, any disputes will need to be resolved solely between you and your service provider. Use your payment code as leverage to ensure that you pleased with your service and remember to not relinquish your payment code until you are fully satisfied.

  • How do I cancel my Moving Help® order?


    You can cancel your order by filling out the form in the Customer Service section of our website. Please allow 5-7 business days for the refund to post to your account.

  • What if a Moving Help® Service Provider doesn’t show up?


    It’s best to be proactive, call your Moving Help® Service Provider the day before and confirm scheduling. If you have tried calling them and they won’t return your call just sign into your Customer Account and select a new Moving Help® Service Provider that offers same day service.

  • What if a Moving Help® Service Provider damages my property?


    Your Payment Code ensures you’re in control. Communicate with your Moving Help® Service Provider and find the best resolution to any problems that arise. Moving Help® Service Providers are motivated to satisfy the customer since they don’t get paid until you release the payment code.

  • Why can’t I be refunded after giving my payment code?


    Once you have placed your Moving Help® order, your card will be immediately charged, and the money will enter escrow. Once you give the payment code to your provider and it has been entered into their account, the funds will then leave escrow, becoming your provider’s money, and out of Moving Help’s control.

  • How do I cancel my order and reschedule a new one using the funds already provided?


    If you're needing to reschedule with a different service provider, you cancel your order by signing into your Customer Account. Locate the job you would like to cancel, click on the appropriate job number (JB-), select “No longer need moving services? Cancel this job by clicking here.” Follow the prompts and select the box next to “I would like to schedule another helper.” Afterwards, go to your Account Details page and select VIP Info to retrieve your store credit certificate. Use this credit number on the checkout page when rebooking.

  • Why doesn’t Moving help® offer driving services?


    Moving Help®, powered by U-Haul, is dedicated to giving its customers access to a low-cost DIY move. Moving Help® currently does not offer driving as one of our services because we have found that the cost would outweigh the benefit provided to you, the customer.

Scheduling & Timing

  • How many hours do I need?


    A standard moves take anywhere from 2-8 hours. Every move is unique. You can access our Estimator Tool to help determine the number of hours needed based on the size of your home. Just remember some variables may increase your time needed, such as: stairs, heavy or bulky items, disassembling, and special placement of items.

  • Why a minimum of 2 Hours?


    Our Moving Help® Service Provider(s) need to have a minimum of 2 hours to make it economically feasible to perform a quality service.

  • What if I underestimated the time I need?


    No problem, go to your Customer Account and add hours, services, or even additional laborers to your existing order. We add it to your account and the payment code stays the same!

  • What if I overestimated the time needed?


    Your Moving Help® Service Provider(s) are there to help you, ask if they can help with something else you would rather not do yourself, such as: clean up, unpacking, and organizing. Take advantage of the time you have your Moving Help® Service Provider(s) because they are paid for the time requested regardless of actual hours worked.

  • What hours can Moving Help® Service Providers work?


    Moving Help® Service Providers typically work during standard business hours, but many service providers are willing to accommodate a more atypical schedule. Be sure to contact your mover as soon as you schedule Moving Help® to see if they can complete your specific move as needed.

  • How do I update my Moving Help® reservation in order to add hours, edit time or change the date?


    To update your Moving Help® reservation, log into your Moving Help® account, select the “My Jobs” to find the job you would like to edit.

  • Can I get Moving Help® by the hour?


    Yes! When scheduling your Moving Help® you get to select the amount of time you want help, as well as how many helpers. You can hire movers for as little as two hours.

  • How do I modify an order date?


    You can modify an order date by logging onto your customer account, click the job number (JB-) that you need to reschedule, look for “need to add particular services to your order? Edit and modify your existing order by clicking here.”

    On the following page, locate the calendar, select from any days that are blue, which indicates your chosen provider is available. Click “Confirm date change.”

  • When are my service providers showing up?


    When initially scheduling your Moving Help® Service Provider you will be able to select the general time of day you want your help, (morning, afternoon, evening). Once your service provider contacts you, you will then be able to discuss a more exact arrival time. Keep in mind that you are always welcome to initiate contact with your movers via phone or text message with the contact information provided to your email after booking.

Specialty Moves

Additional Services

  • Does Moving Help® offer cleaning?


    Yes, Moving Help® Service Providers offer cleaning. Not all movers offer this service so be sure to select a provider that does. You can add on this service by selecting Cleaning Services in the filter section.

  • Does Moving Help® offer packing and unpacking?


    Yes, Moving Help® Service Providers offer packing/unpacking. Not all movers offer this service so be sure to select a provider that does. You can add on this service after clicking “customize your move”.

  • What is MovingHelp® Now!?


    MovingHelp® Now! is a service offered by providers when Moving Help® is needed within two hours or less of booking. Please note that MovingHelp® Now! is only available for load/unload and may incur higher costs than if you were to book your move ahead of time. An added benefit of MovingHelp® Now! is live tracking feature of your Moving Help® service provider’s location as they make their way to your job site.

  • Can Moving Help® Service Providers assemble/disassemble furniture?


    Yes, many of our Moving Help® Service Providers are able to disassemble or assemble your furniture while moving. When your Moving Help® provider reaches out to you be sure to ask if they are comfortable assisting with this specific task.


  • How do I file a Safeload claim?


    To file a Safeload claim, please call Repwest Insurance at 1-800-528-7134 with your job number (JB-) available.

  • How do I add Safeload to my order?


    During the booking process you will be asked if you want to add Safeload coverage to your reservation. You can select from various premium coverage amounts that are sure to fit your individual moving needs.

  • Where is Safeload available?


    Safeload is currently offered in various states, search your area for availability.

  • Why doesn't my provider offer Safeload?


    Safeload can only be offered by seasoned Moving Help® Service Providers who have been granted access to offer the coverage. If the provider you have selected does not offer Safeload, they may have completed fewer orders or have not yet met the minimum qualifications.