Professional Help for Any Type of Move

Moving Help has seen it all and helped take some of the stress out of even the most complicated of moving situations.

Whether you are tackling a long-distance move, a military move, temporarily keeping your stuff in storage, or even moving into a high-rise apartment with strict loading rules, we are ready to help.

Local Moving
While moving in the same city or a nearby area will make moving a little easier, it doesn’t take away the heavy lifting for your belongings. Enter the Moving Help Marketplace. 

You can have one Service Provider help you with your loading and unloading (if they cover both addresses), or you can have one provider help you with your loading portion and a different provider help you with your unloading portion, so you can find the best prices that fit your budget. 

The Moving Help Marketplace connects customers with moving labor Service Providers who can take care of all your labor tasks such as: 

  • Loading or unloading 
  • Packing or unpacking 
  • Cleaning 
  • Piano moving 
  • Gun safe moving 

Want some added protection? Moving Help offers our own affordable Safeload® coverage for the loading and unloading process, and only top-performing moving labor Service Providers can offer Safeload. 

Would you like to read some more resources? Visit our local moving landing page to read some beneficial blog posts on how to have a successful local move. You learn more about local moving tips, guidelines, checklists, and many more helpful tips. 

Long Distance Moving

Long-distance moves are typically more complicated because people typically move from one state to another state, or from the United States to Canada. That’s where Moving Help comes into play to help ease your stress with a long-distance move by connecting customers with labor-only Service Providers. We have the largest labor-only Marketplace, so you’ll find someone in your area. 

Our Moving Help providers have hundreds to thousands of reviews. You’ll have plenty of time to pour through all the reviews you’re considering on hiring for your move. Our Moving Helpers are: 

  • Reliable 
  • Affordable 
  • Safe 
  • Convenient 

With our Service Providers, you won’t have to: 

  • Rely on friends or family 
  • Lift heavy items 
  • Avoid injury 
  • Save time, money, and energy 

A long-distance move can be daunting, especially when you have to figure out things on your item. When you visit the long-distance moving landing page, it’ll be like having a friend or family help guide you with useful information, such as how to hire moving labor, checklists, how to move to another country, what to pack in your car, and other great blog posts. 

Storage Unit

Moving Help has moving labor Service Providers who can assist you with your storage unit needs such as: 

  • Loading your storage unit 
  • Unloading your storage unit 
  • Stopping at storage unit when transitioning between homes. 

Coordinating with your provider to meet you at the storage unit is simple with one of these two choices: 

  • Leave notes when you place your order to communicate all necessary details 
  • When your helper calls or texts you, communicate all necessary details 

Do you have a U-Box storage container or another type of storage container that you use for storage? Moving Helpers can load or unload those containers for you as well. 

Find more helpful resources and blog posts when you visit the storage unit moving landing page. You’ll learn how to pack a storage unit, how to hire moving labor, storage unit types, and what can’t go in a storage unit. 

Storage Container

Our moving labor providers know how to handle U-Box storage containers whether you use them to help you move, remolding your home, or for storage. 

It’s easy to find Moving Helpers in your area to help you: 

  • Visit 
  • Click on the “Moving Help® + U-Box®” tab 
  • Enter your U-Box Order Number. Then you can find your Service Provider. 

With Moving Help and U-Box storage containers, you can create a hands-off moving experience. The three Moving Help and U-Box storage container options are: 

  • Delivery only: Moving labor Service Providers deliver containers to your home, you load/unload them yourself, and they return them to the U-Haul location. 
  • Load or unload only: You or U-Haul deliver storage containers, the Moving Helpers load/unload them, and you or U-Haul return them to the U-Haul location. Alternatively, your provider can load/unload them at the U-Haul location. 
  • Delivery with loading and unloading: Service Provider delivers U-Box storage containers to your home, load/unload them, and they return them back to the U-Haul location. 

Even if you use a container that isn’t a U-Box storage container, you can still hire Moving Helpers to complete the work for you. 

When you visit the storage container moving landing page, you can explore the different blog posts that’ll show you how and why storage container moving can be done and why it might be the best choice for you. 

Military Moving

Are you in the military with PCS orders that require a swift move? Moving Help is here to support your military moving needs. Our Service Providers can help with loading or unloading for home relocation or loading or unloading a storage unit. 

Some of our moving labor providers served in the military who’ve transitioned into the moving industry ready to assist military families and others with their specific labor-only moving needs. 

Keep in mind if you’re using U-Box storage containers, you’ll want to follow these steps to book an order: 

  • Visit 
  • Click on the tab that says, “Moving Help® + U-Box®” 
  • Enter your U-Box Order Number. Then you can find your Service Provider. 

Military moving requires following directions carefully. If you visit our military moving landing page, you’ll better understand what a PCS move is, how to move with pets during a PCS move, military storage during deployment, and other resources.

Apartment Moving

The Moving Help Marketplace connects customers to labor-only Service Providers who know how to carefully move you into or out of an apartment. 

Our Moving Helpers are prepared for any kind of variable when it comes to apartment moving such as: 

  • Reserving an elevator 
  • Moving during certain times of the day 
  • Moving belongings up and down stairs 

When your moving labor Service Provider reaches out to you, you can provide the provider with all the details needed such as where the entrance is located and gate codes. 

Whether moving into your first apartment or your 11th apartment, our apartment moving landing page will be sure to give you helpful tips no matter what size apartment you live in, guidelines, checklists, hiring moving labor for multiple tasks, and plenty of other crucial blog posts. 

Office Moving

While Moving Help helps with home or storage transitions, our Moving Helpers also can assist with your office moving needs such as: 

  • Moving to a larger space 
  • Downsizing to a smaller space 
  • Consolidated current office space 

Our Service Providers can take care of all your labor-only tasks such as: 

  • Loading and unloading 
  • Packing and unpacking 
  • Cleaning 
  • Storage unit or storage container moving 

When you place a Moving Help order, you can leave notes explaining your office move. When your helper reaches out to you, you can further explain anything necessary for a smooth transition for your office move. Moving Help providers can: 

  • Save you time 
  • Move efficiently and safely 
  • Avoid time not being open 
  • Do the heavy lifting for you 
  • Get settled into your new office space faster 

Office moves can be tricky if you don’t plan it out properly in advance. Check out our office moving landing page to read about questions involving an office move, tips, and a downloadable office move checklist. 

College Moving

Moving Help can give you some assistance with our Service Providers providing any labor-only related moving tasks when it comes to college moving. 

You can inform your Moving Helper that it’s a college move and provide essential details like: 

  • Parking information 
  • Gate code access 
  • Apartment number 

Parents can book Moving Help for their college teens and let their teenagers know to only give the Payment Code out after the job is successfully completed and to their satisfaction. Our providers are: 

  • Affordable 
  • Trustworthy 
  • Reliable 
  • Save you time, money, and energy 
  • Give professional assistance when friends and family can’t help 

College moving can be difficult when parents can’t be available to help their teenagers or young adults when moving in and out of college. When you visit the college moving landing page, you’ll receive important information to ease your concerns when you learn how to use moving labor for their college move. 

How to Customize Your Moving Labor Move
No matter what service or services you need, you can find them quickly and easily. You can find all the services you need in four steps. 

  1. Visit Enter the location(s) where you need help. Click on the “Search” button. 
  2. Use the sort and filter options to select the services you need for your type of move on the results page. For mobile users, it’ll be the first box you see. For desktop users, it’ll be on the lefthand side of your screen. 
  3. Click on the “Apply” button, and you’ll find all the moving labor Service Providers on the Moving Help Marketplace who offer those services. 
  4. Look through the prices and read reviews for each provider to figure out which one will best fit your needs and budget. 

Picture showing the options within the filter menu.