Customer Reviews for expeditioulsy enterprise llc

Changed times on us four times, across different days and still showed up late. We paid for 2 people to clean and 2 people to unload. A normal person would think this means that we would have 4 people helping us during the allotted time. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. When using this company they will send two people to work for four people and claim that it counts since both people helped each other. I would not recommend this company as I have been told my only path forward to a refund is to take this company to court to reclaim any amount of money.

Hannah H. | Monroe, GA

(Reviewed on 05/14/2024)

Hannah H. | Monroe, GA

(Reviewed on 04/28/2024)

I hired help on Saturday Feb 3, the movers came two hours late, since they had car trouble, which is understandable and that happens. While waiting for them, I loaded the full truck except for two refrigerators. When they arrived they loaded the fridges and we went to the house to unload. We unloaded the truck. Up to here there was no big issues. One of the fridges had to get into the house, for which the doors need to come out to pass thru the door, but they insisted on trying, and forced the fridge into the front door causing damage to the front door, frame and the fridge, while I was asking them to stop pushing. Not major dama, but they had no idea what they were doing. Asked them to leave the fridge outside. They left after that with no explanation, when I went in to get the tip and drove away pretty fast. In the end, they were not even close to the two hours I paid for and I ended up doing most of the work with my son. So lesson learned. Not calling moving help again.

Matias C. | Bishop, GA

(Reviewed on 02/12/2024)

Christopher H. | Marietta, GA

(Reviewed on 02/03/2024)

Excellent service. Very professional and courteous young men!

Charles T. | Jacksonville, FL

(Reviewed on 06/04/2023)

Thank you for a very easy move. Two really nice guys.

Claire S. | Greenwood, SC

(Reviewed on 06/03/2023)

The 3rd floor here is brutal. These guys did great. Very pleased. Would definitely recommend.

James O. | mccormick, SC

(Reviewed on 12/01/2022)

Trachari D. | Norcross, GA

(Reviewed on 11/30/2022)

Cornelius was amazing. Top notch work. Would recommend and personally use again.

Cameron R. | Morganton, NC

(Reviewed on 11/19/2022)

Above & beyond! Could not have had such a pleasant moving experience without them

Johannah R. | Arden, NC

(Reviewed on 11/05/2022)

Excellent! Cornelius & Marcus really helped me & I appreciate them so much! Speedy! Professional! Wonderful!

Johannah R. | Arden, NC

(Reviewed on 11/05/2022)

Cornelius was great and extremely efficient, he came when his other help could not come,, he always answered his phone and kept me updated on eta. Both guys were courteous and polite. I would definitely hire them again. Tip paid thru Venmo. Great experience.

Mary C. | Pell City, AL

(Reviewed on 11/04/2022)