Customer Reviews for Moving Thru Fordham

Paola G. | Brooklyn, NY

(Reviewed on 08/08/2022)

This company was great. They went above and beyond to help resolve an issue on Uhaul’s end, including driving an extra two hours to get our Ubox for delivery and load service. Jesus was amazing.

Linda M. | Kingston, NY

(Reviewed on 07/26/2022)

There was a major glitch on U-Hauls end with our U-Box. This provider went way above and beyond, including driving an extra two hours to an alternative Uhaul site, to get our delivery and load service completed today. Jesus was awesome… very much appreciated!!

Lynnette C. | Redwood City, CA

(Reviewed on 07/26/2022)

Gabi S. | Oakland, CA

(Reviewed on 07/20/2022)

The two gentlemen were very respectful. In terms of communication if there was a lack of correspondence on Uhaul, they reached out right away.

Akilah P. | Brooklyn, NY

(Reviewed on 07/11/2022)

Everything was done well, with the exception of timing. If moving services tell you they will be there between 8 and 9 AM (which they scheduled) but arrive after 11:30 AM, as was my case, that's unfortunate.

Marco M. | Harrison, NJ

(Reviewed on 07/04/2022)

This man picked up work hours on his day off to help because my original movers canceled. 10/10 would hire again. Can’t thank him enough. Great communication and quick mover.

Tyler a. | Santa Monica, CA

(Reviewed on 07/01/2022)

Movers were prompt and did an excellent job.

Stephanie S. | Punxsutawney, PA

(Reviewed on 06/18/2022)

Jesus was very professional. i highly recommend his services.

Frank S. | PARRISH, FL

(Reviewed on 06/10/2022)

Michael M. | New York, NY

(Reviewed on 05/31/2022)

Ron M. | Sinclairville, NY

(Reviewed on 04/06/2022)

Jesus was professional and friendly. A good man to deal with

Karen P. | West Hartford, CT

(Reviewed on 04/04/2022)