Customer Reviews for The Hernandez movers

Melvin and the team were fantastic. I think I switched the scheduled time on them twice, but they were super flexible and accommodating. They moved fast, and worked hard, as I had several flights of stairs. They packaged everything well, were efficient, and super friendly throughout the move. Communication was great too, if I texted or called, I got an immediate response. Moving aucks, but with Hernandez Movers it was a breeze!

Parker K. | Boston, MA

(Reviewed on 09/01/2023)

Thank you!

Sophie C. | Somerville, MA

(Reviewed on 08/31/2023)

Came in last minute and saved the day!

Sophie C. | Somerville, MA

(Reviewed on 08/31/2023)

Right on time, professional, helpful and efficient. Would highly recommend

Olivia J. | Armonk, NY

(Reviewed on 08/27/2023)

The scheduling was a little off because of changing the times and limiting to 30 min and stuff. But they definitely were responsive and worked with me

Kihye H. | Boston, MA

(Reviewed on 07/01/2023)

Jamee F. | Framingham, MA

(Reviewed on 01/07/2023)

Very professional and knowledgeable. Really went the extra mile to help. Would highly recommend.

Ronnie M. | Wateville, ME

(Reviewed on 11/28/2022)

Kent G. | Nashua, NH

(Reviewed on 09/25/2022)

Booked at the last minute and they agreed. On the day of, arrived early, unloaded my Uboxes in less time than expected.


(Reviewed on 09/11/2022)

They did AWESOME! Highly rate these gentlemen as being courteous & professional. The move was interrupted at 2nd location so some renegotiation had to happen but they came back to finish & all went well. As for a tip...they finished a half hour early so that should work as the tip...right? ;o)

Laurie H. | Oakley, CA

(Reviewed on 09/08/2022)

They were efficient and safe! We were done an hour early, even with a complicated move. They were also accommodating in extenuating circumstances.

Ekvi I. | Brookline, MA

(Reviewed on 09/04/2022)

My movers were amazing and I would definitely use again!! They called on their way to say they would be a few minutes late due to traffic then handled all my belongings with care. They were quick to move and got my couch through a difficult space.

Emily P. | Boston, MA

(Reviewed on 09/01/2022)