Customer Reviews for All Around Movers LLC

Raymond P. | Greeley, CO

(Reviewed on 03/23/2024)

Kevin T. | Cheyenne, WY

(Reviewed on 03/23/2024)

Very unprofessional. Scheduled for 9am, show up at 1115. We were moving from one building to the next in the same complex. The only furniture items to move were a bedroom set, small couch, and a tv stand, and a few boxes. The only equipment they brought were two pieces of wood with wheels.Instead of using those to roll the items to the next building, they wasted a ridiculous amount of time trying to stuff furniture in their small SUV so they didn’t have to walk. In that process they broke the corners of my dresser and took a chunk out of the side after I told them it wasn’t going to fit multiple times. I had to stop them from trying to stuff my tv stand in there also. They dropped my couch on the sidewalk and took a chunk out of the wall coming in. When I asked what the process was for damage claim they told me I had to go through UHaul and against my better judgement I gave them the code only to find out that wasn’t true and UHaul won’t do anything. 0 out of 10 do not recommend.

Lacy S. | Wasilla, AK

(Reviewed on 03/11/2024)

Bad communication - I called them the night before to confirm (I expect them to call me to confirm, not the other way around), they said it would be no problem being there in the morning at the time requested. After they were late by 30 minutes I called and left a voicemail. I got a call 2 hours after they were supposed to be there asking if I still needed help. I would have been less upset if they communicated that they were going to be that late rather than not communicating at all. I had them help for unloading in the afternoon on a separate job and their communication was better but still left something to be desired. Nice guys that helped out, and they unloaded quick and we're very helpful once they actually got here.

Noah C. | Fort Collins, CO

(Reviewed on 02/29/2024)

They were great, and finished quicker than the time we reserved. They were careful with our stuff too.

Charles B. | Arvada, CO

(Reviewed on 02/13/2024)

Ashley K. | Timnath, CO

(Reviewed on 02/07/2024)

Highly recommend!

Ashley K. | Timnath, CO

(Reviewed on 02/07/2024)

Thanks Nick and Alex! They were very efficient and helpful in loading our uhaul truck.

Logan H. | Fort-Collins, CO

(Reviewed on 02/07/2024)

Guys were awesome and careful. They also finished early and were able to accommodate my late start time.

Melissa T. | Arvada, CO

(Reviewed on 02/03/2024)

They were a little later than agreed but did a great job and.were very careful with my items.

Lisa D. | Fort Collins, CO

(Reviewed on 02/02/2024)

Great job with move!

Shelly M. | Estes Park, CO

(Reviewed on 02/01/2024)

BREE F. | Timnath, CO

(Reviewed on 01/31/2024)