Customer Reviews for THESE HELPING HANDS

Kali K. | Los-Angeles, CA

(Reviewed on 11/20/2023)

They were wonderful once they arrived, they were 5 hours late and I had to call them for updates. Once they arrived they were skilled at how to organize and pack everything and took care with our items.

Gina R. | Rutland, VT

(Reviewed on 11/14/2023)

I was very skeptical on hiring movers as it was my first time but helping hands exceeded my expectations. I thought it would take a long time to move all my things but they were fast, professional and handled my items with care. If I ever move again I will definitely be hiring them again.

Sean W. | Fresno, CA

(Reviewed on 11/01/2023)

They made quick work of unloading the uhaul.

Laura C. | Yorba Linda, CA

(Reviewed on 09/30/2023)

Movers came out seeming unprofessional. Not on a marked vehicle and only two guy with improper gear to move a piano. Then actually did put a scratch on a 40 year old family piano. Then on top of it unprofessionally asked my elderly family to give them a tip. After scaring all of them worrying they would drop this family heirloom. Now last night they had a break into their back shed. They have never had a break in before and only went to my family’s place. The neighbors are worried it has to do with this company since it all seemed so wonky.

Christine S. | Fountain, CO

(Reviewed on 09/24/2023)

Our experience with THH was horrible! They were highly incompetent & we were very disappointed with their work & attitude. They showed up outrageously late, tried to blame it on us & our location, took forever doing the job they were asked to do making a 3 hour job last 8 hours, they left their trash in our apartment, they were careless with our items (until they saw me watching), & in the end, they still missed several items. We had to spend our first travel day rearranging their work to fit things they left behind. This caused us to delay our entire trip by a day which meant rebooking all of our hotel stays along the way (some weren't changeable so we lost money). Then they had the audacity to ask us if we would tip them (which is incredibly rude & unprofessional even if they had been halfway decent at their job). We will never book this company again & will definitely think twice about using MH after this whole ordeal. Stay far away from these guys! There's a reason they were cheap.

SJ M. | Los Angeles, CA

(Reviewed on 09/20/2023)

The movers were great. They worked quickly and efficiently. I would use them again.

Linda A. | Mill-Valley, CA

(Reviewed on 09/14/2023)

Marelene C. | Agoura-Hills, CA

(Reviewed on 09/14/2023)

Jenny W. | Bakersfield, CA

(Reviewed on 09/10/2023)

Loraine E. | Palmdale, CA

(Reviewed on 08/22/2023)

Kevin B. | Scottsdale, AZ

(Reviewed on 08/06/2023)

Excellent service. I will definitely hire these guys again in the future. I will also share their info with others. Thank you for making the move an easier prices.

Laquisha W. | ADELANTO, CA

(Reviewed on 08/06/2023)