Customer Reviews for Perrys moving service

Great service! Had the whole house loaded in under an hour.

Jeffrey R. | Overton, TX

(Reviewed on 04/17/2024)

The movers were phenomenal! They were hardworking and friendly. I would hire them again any time!!! I tipped them each $20!

Michael H. | lancaster, PA

(Reviewed on 04/15/2024)

Communication ahead of time was good. They showed up on time and worked hard. To be fair, I had drawn exactly where I wanted the furniture to go in the 20-ft van and they did follow my directions, even as I had to adopt a few plans. They worked hard moving furniture up from the basement and down from the second floor. They were not very careful with the furniture, especially when they loaded it on the van and would slide it on the bottom edge of the wood. In general I would have appreciated a little more care with the furniture. The other thing was one of them was on his cell headset the entire time, talking and I had trouble getting his attention to give him directions. Again, they did work hard and moved quickly.

Regina V. | Radford, VA

(Reviewed on 04/14/2024)

Good communication, friendly workers. Would recommend!

DaiJohn M. | Middletown, PA

(Reviewed on 04/12/2024)

Hannah H. | Tacoma, WA

(Reviewed on 04/12/2024)

Great service, I’ll be looking here 1st next time.

Shawn C. | Mechanicsburg, PA

(Reviewed on 04/11/2024)

Excellent job

Lismel A. | Harrisburg, PA

(Reviewed on 04/10/2024)

Joseph W. | Lancaster, PA

(Reviewed on 04/09/2024)

The two gentlemen that handled our unloading were the best movers I have ever used. Truly professional and incredibly efficient. Top notch work! Thank you all so much.

Jacqueline O. | York, ON

(Reviewed on 04/09/2024)

both guys were professional and nice.

Bryan S. | Lancaster, PA

(Reviewed on 04/08/2024)

Very good guys to work with

Woo C. | Mechanicsburg, PA

(Reviewed on 04/06/2024)

Perry’s moving service was outstanding. They waited for me, past the time frame that was given, kept contact with me the whole time, and moved everything so quickly, and smooth. . Definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fast, smooth, and professional service!

Taquaya S. | Mechanicsburg, PA

(Reviewed on 04/05/2024)