Customer Reviews for In N' Out Movers

This team made a huge difference in my moving experience. Their communication was top notch, and they were very professional on site. My family was amazed at how quickly they were able to get our things moved. In & Out Movers is the company you want if you want a team that cares about getting the job done right.

Pete H. | Wappingers Falls, NY

(Reviewed on 07/29/2023)

I'm unsure if the age of this duo just made them green, but what took our former movers 4 hours took them 9 and they did not pack our uboxes efficiently so we were forced to leave things behind. I was unable to attend the packing as I was in hospital, but shocked to find that a lot of things were packed improperly and damaged once received on the other side. Very disappointed.

Shelby J. | Piscataway, NJ

(Reviewed on 07/22/2023)

They were great, got the job down exactly what we needed!

CARL F. | Boynton Beach, FL

(Reviewed on 06/27/2023)

John and Molique were fantastic. I called John has excellent customer service; right after booking his company for the job, he picked up right away. I was able to give him the details that he needed to park the U box. John contacted me to keep me informed as they were picking up the U box to bring it to my apartment. John and Malik work well together; they were courteous, mannerly, quick, careful, and very professional. I would use this company again in a heartbeat. I am confident that they will handle my things with care as they take it back to the U-Haul storage. I will spread the news that.In N’ Out Mover’s are awesome!

cathy s. | Edison, NJ

(Reviewed on 06/19/2023)

Very professional and efficient!

Kristin S. | Hackettstown, NJ

(Reviewed on 06/19/2023)

Steven B. | Budd Lake, NJ

(Reviewed on 06/01/2023)

Meah S. | New-York, NY

(Reviewed on 05/29/2023)

In and Out was professional and communicated throughout the entire process. They took great care of the items I was moving!

Johanna E. | Fernandina Beach, FL

(Reviewed on 05/28/2023)

Great team showed up to help load us up. When my unload team in the destination city was completely uncommunicative, the gentleman I was speaking to regarding the loading team offered to come do our unloading in the destination city as soon as he and his partner finished their current job. Was super helpful and prevented what could have been a super stressful situation finding help last minute!

Sabrina A. | Jersey City, NJ

(Reviewed on 05/27/2023)

Good communication before the move, showed up on time and did a great job, would definitely recommend them

Charles D. | Seaside Park, NJ

(Reviewed on 05/18/2023)

Overall my wife was very happy with the movers. The star reduction has more to do with how the system works. The movers knew that when only one box was filled versus the original two that they should not get the full amount for two boxes. My wife was coordinating the loading from four hours away believed when she was told only the Ubox would be refunded gave the original code to the mover. Now we a limited to the dispute process to get our refund. Unfortunate end to what was an overall good experience.

Adam F. | Fayetteville, NY

(Reviewed on 05/06/2023)

Professional, courteous, handled furniture with care, no damage to furniture, no damage to walls. I am so very pleased with this room swap of very large and lovely furniture. I would use this company again!!!! Thank you for a truly great experience.

BRENDA N. | Sweet Valley, PA

(Reviewed on 05/05/2023)