Customer Reviews for Canmove

Sinclair arrived with his associate and immediately got to work. Both were very professional and speedy. With all the jerking around I received from U-Haul, Sinclair and his associate were a breath of fresh air. 10 out of 10 would hire again.

Maimei F. | Portland, OR

(Reviewed on 12/04/2023)

Canmove was super awesome, my father an I had to book separate crews for unload, load and a final unload due to the distance they had to travel. Canmove was the company I went with for both unloads and they happened early morning and late at night. They were super flexible, fast and professional, with clear lines of communication.

Wesley C. | Riverside, CA

(Reviewed on 12/03/2023)

They were very promt, kept a good line of communication between my father and I, and were on-time and fast.

Wesley C. | Riverside, CA

(Reviewed on 12/03/2023)

Lauren M. | La Mesa, CA

(Reviewed on 11/13/2023)

Narek B. | Tarzana, CA

(Reviewed on 11/13/2023)

Both of the individuals sent to help were a pleasure to work with. They were completely understanding of an unforeseen circumstance, and still stayed to help.

Bobby W. | San Diego, CA

(Reviewed on 11/08/2023)

It took two movers one hour to move a refrigerador and one small couch from the U-Haul to my an apartment. They dropped my bed frame and damaged it. One of the movers was high as a kite, he smelled like refer and of alcohol. Costumer service was awful and the whole experience was just horrible. My bed frame is ruined and they won’t refund me. Get movers from ANYONE ELSE but them. I honestly think going to Home Depot to hire someone to move my stuff would have been faster, safer, and cheaper. If they damage your stuff you won’t get your money back and they refuse to refund me. They charged the whole two hours for something I literally ended up doing myself. One small nightstand was a two man job with a dolly. I literally carried the other nightstand by myself without a dolly and did it faster than them. Just do yourself a favor and save your self the money and the headache because watching them move and damage my stuff stressed me out. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE from beginning to end.

Pamela G. | Ridgecrest, CA

(Reviewed on 11/04/2023)

Excellent help for my move. Would definitely recommend these guys.

LaDonna J. | Compton, CA

(Reviewed on 11/02/2023)

They were a little slow. But I still tip them cash.

Kay M. | Carlsbad, CA

(Reviewed on 10/31/2023)

Mark M. | Anaheim, CA

(Reviewed on 10/30/2023)

Finish the job quickly

Tianwei S. | Torrance, CA

(Reviewed on 10/30/2023)

Extremely happy with how my move went. The guys were very professional and handled everything well. I was nervous that everything might not fit in one truckload but the guys made it work. I was extremely impressed. Would absolutely use again for my next move.

Kevan S. | Los Angeles, CA

(Reviewed on 10/29/2023)