Customer Reviews for Pantheon Moving and packing

Very helpful and did what I needed done.

Candice F. | KANSAS CITY, KS

(Reviewed on 09/16/2023)

Fred O. | Little Rock, AR

(Reviewed on 08/03/2023)

Very satisfied. Mover was on time, courteous, professional, and worked in the rain with no complaints. Thank you!

Dustin S. | Grandview, MO

(Reviewed on 07/16/2023)

An extremely negative and poor service by this moving company. Did not use any of the 12+ moving blankets that were provided and didn’t pack any of the boxes or items properly which led to our dining room table being completely broken on arrival and a majority of our furniture being scratched or chipped. Furthermore, they never called us to let us know when they were going to arrive and one of the movers ended up spending a significant amount of time in our bathroom during the loading process. I’m not one to give a negative review but this was a very disappointing experience and led to hundreds of dollars worth of damage to our items.

Johm B. | Roeland Park, KS

(Reviewed on 06/24/2023)

Very helpful, friendly and professional men

Beatrice M. | Kansas City, MO

(Reviewed on 05/31/2023)

We did not recieve a call 30 minutes before they arrived like we were told. They did not follow our instructions as to which items we wanted loaded first in the truck and did not load the truck efficiently to use all the space, which we needed. We had to spend 3 hours repacking it in order to fit everything after they left. They were the slowest, least organized, and unhelpful movers we've ever used. They also damaged walls and door trim without mentioning it to us. They stopped using the moving blankets halfway through the job for no reason. They also stuck tape directly to our furniture rather than the blankets. They made our move more stressful the only pro of hiring them was that they carried out things we couldn't on our own. Otherwise, it was overpriced for having a few random guys who didn't understand how to lift heavy items safely or pack a truck show up. We were utterly disappointed with the service.

Mary F. | Overland Park, KS

(Reviewed on 05/31/2023)

Arrived earlier and were speedy and careful.

Ondrea R. | Norman, OK

(Reviewed on 05/27/2023)

Andrew runs a great business. We really appreciated this team. highly recommend.

Tiffani H. | Prairie Village, KS

(Reviewed on 05/22/2023)

The guys did an amazing job and were able to finish in 1 hour what took us 6 hours to load. They were awesome, and I will definitely be asking for them again.

Rose S. | Riverside, MO

(Reviewed on 05/15/2023)

Very friendly and professional. Arrived earlier than we anticipated which was great!

Kyra S. | Kansas City, MO

(Reviewed on 04/27/2023)

I would highly recommend these movers! They were easy to communicate with, reliable, and did an awesome job!!

Donna and Julia L. | Parker, CO

(Reviewed on 04/15/2023)

Andy and Joe were awesome. Very respectful and professional. I thought I would need more time, but they knocked it out in 3hours.I will be using them again.

Tawana W. | Independence, MO

(Reviewed on 03/26/2023)