Customer Reviews for Moving Foward

Exceptional service. Young guys were very professional and polite. I will use their services and definitely recommend to others. Communication was also great!

Audrey J. | Richmond, VA

(Reviewed on 12/03/2023)

Andrew B. | Front Royal, VA

(Reviewed on 12/02/2023)

Nick leads the smoothest moving operation I have ever witnessed. Their expert communication skills and professionalism place them leaps and bounds above their competitors. Two guys moved my ENTIRE COMMERCIAL GRADE GYM and home goods in under 5 hours. YES, loading and unloading thousands of pounds. Their can-do attitude makes all the different. I’ll recommend these gentlemen to anyone. Moving Forward got it done!!

curtis h. | Crestview, FL

(Reviewed on 11/30/2023)

I have used moving help resources several times and never have had the experience we did with these movers. Dropped a couch which landed on a banister ripping the bottom, dragging an expensive wood dresser across concrete, rolled a circular wooden dining room table across the asphalt. There is so much damage to furniture that I found later because they attempted to hide it during the unloading process. Nick did not care or bat an eye when I discussed with him our concerns and just had the audacity to ask for his payment code. And last but not least, if you don’t enjoying a consistent odor of marijuana whenever they are out of your sight for a minute and return; choose someone else.

THERESAWARD J. | Midlothian, VA

(Reviewed on 11/29/2023)

Hi there, Everything went smoothly. Nicholas was very professional over the phone. Lawaren was there to meet us on time and he did a nice job. Thanks again for your help at the last minute yesterday! (I paid the tip with CASH) Cheers, Ranai

Corey C. | West Orange,, NJ

(Reviewed on 11/26/2023)

If they hadn’t been stined it may have gone better. Didn’t handle furniture with care and copped an attitude when given directions and did what they wanted.

Marjorie B. | Quinton, VA

(Reviewed on 11/25/2023)

Communicated with me multiple times leading up to date of job. Were on-time. Got right to work. Treated items with care and finished early. I was concerned because they were the low cost provider but was thoroughly satisfied with their help and professionalism

Anthony C. | Fishers, IN

(Reviewed on 11/24/2023)


(Reviewed on 11/19/2023)

The boys were nice and they worked hard

Jennifer S. | Conway, SC

(Reviewed on 08/31/2023)

I had requested one person for 4 hours. The worker only worked an hour and a half, and he refused to travel to a storage facility to unload the truck. The worker then lied to me once I contacted Nicholas about the amount he got paid. He denied getting paid for the 4 hours. Once I spoke with the company, I found out the truth. Be careful whoever uses this worker because you may lose time, money, and loss of confidence in helpers provided.

Kandice T. | Suffolk, VA

(Reviewed on 10/20/2022)

We came from a 2bd w den house in RI to a 2bd appartment in VA. We hired Moving Forward to Unload. The are Professional, Respectful and Very Patient. They took the time to place every piece of furniture were we wanted very carefully and place all the boxes in the rooms were they were marked to go or asked were go put them if not marked. We hired them for 4 hours and they were able to get it all done in 2hrs. We are super pleased with Moving Forward! We would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help moving.

Mehdi S. | Wyoming, RI

(Reviewed on 09/21/2022)

We had to hire someone last minute due to being at an Estate Sale, so we hired the guys at Moving Forward, they were terrific. They showed up within 2 hours and got the job done quickly and followed our instructions in reference to what we purchased. Really great and would hire them again.

Brenda B. | Charlottesville, VA

(Reviewed on 09/20/2022)