Customer Reviews for 8Hands & Moving

They were good but I felt for them because uhaul advertised their rate about half of what they were expecting. For the price I paid, $55 per hr, they were great. For their expected fee of $100 per hr I think would’ve been high. Nice kid , the owner, but needed to get his fees straight with uhaul! I gave a tip ($25 cash) and pizza to help out

BRITTANY K. | Sacramento, CA

(Reviewed on 06/02/2023)

They kept us informed when they were delayed by traffic. Tyrice, Jimmy and Deborah were a pleasure to work with.

karen s. | Stockton, CA

(Reviewed on 05/27/2023)

8Hands were great. They communicated very well leading up to the move, when they were on the way and when they arrived. They were bang on time and just hit the job right away. They had a lot of stuff to move and did it really efficiently. Very polite, personable and friendly. I would definitely work with them again. It's too bad they can't go with us and help us on the other end.

VINCENT B. | Sioux Falls, SD

(Reviewed on 05/25/2023)

Don’t hire these movers! STAY FAR AWAY! First they didn’t show up and wouldn’t answer their phone. The backup team arrived 3 hours later. They came unprepared (no dollys or equipment) and had no idea how to move large items professionally. They shoved large items through doorways, banging things against my walls and doorways, scraping them along my floors and stairs and gouged nearly every piece of wood furniture I have. I cannot stress enough how unprofessional this was. I also had to help them move many items including my piano which they damaged. They offered no remedy for any of the damaged claiming it was impossible for it to have been their fault.

Nick H. | San Diego, CA

(Reviewed on 05/20/2023)

So when you hire someone to move a piano you expect basic things like 1) they show up, not someone else 2) they move the piano, not you 3) the piano is not damaged in the process. The movers I hired did not show up and sent a backup team who arrived 3 hours after the original appointment. I spoke with them on the phone to confirm they were able to move an upright piano up 10 stairs which they said it would be no problem. When they got here they had no equipment at all, no dolly, no straps, no blankets, nothing and clearly had never moved a piano before (first question was ‘is it okay to tip a piano on its side?’) They ended up requiring me and a neighbor to help them move the piano up the stairs (the neighbor stopped, worried one of the movers would be crushed the way they were trying to move it) and they badly gouged the piano. When confronted about it they lied to my face and told me it had been covered the whole time and it was impossible that it could’ve been damaged.

Nick H. | San Diego, CA

(Reviewed on 05/19/2023)

Do not recommend! One poor kid did all the work while the other guy was more concerned with asking for drinks, band aids, and smell good spray. He would come in with one little thing at a time and ask where I wanted it and then just put it somewhere else. It was a very frustrating transaction and I just wanted them gone . Poor experience!

Michelle S. | Whitney, TX

(Reviewed on 05/19/2023)

brian k. | Sacramento, CA

(Reviewed on 05/14/2023)

isahia and Mike were very professional. They work hard with a great attitude. I recommend their services

Pierre B. | Chico, CA

(Reviewed on 05/11/2023)

Edward V. | Roseville, CA

(Reviewed on 05/09/2023)

Connie C. | San francisco, CA

(Reviewed on 05/07/2023)

Amazing Supermen! So nice and so efficient! Thank you!!

Laura A. | Sacramento, CA

(Reviewed on 05/06/2023)

They were friendly, on time and saved the day! We could have never done it ourselves!

Laura A. | Sacramento, CA

(Reviewed on 05/06/2023)