Customer Reviews for Ohio Movers

The guys were great!


(Reviewed on 08/29/2023)

Kelly S. | University Heights, OH

(Reviewed on 08/21/2023)

Trell and Tone were Fantastic!! They did a phenomenal job of moving our items with professionalism!! Highly recommend their services!!!

Constance R. | Westlake, OH

(Reviewed on 08/13/2023)

Brian W. | East Longmeadow, MA

(Reviewed on 08/13/2023)

Masters of Tetris thanks again for the help!

Matthew V. | Barberton, OH

(Reviewed on 08/13/2023)

Great group of guys who were very helpful and went above and beyond! Thank you so much!!

Alexandrea T. | Westlake, OH

(Reviewed on 07/31/2023)

They came equipped and ready to work! Great job!

Tessa D. | Kentwood, MI

(Reviewed on 07/18/2023)

I was running a few minutes late getting home from work, but they were accommodating and waited on me. They kept asking where I wanted them to place everything. I did not have a preference but I appreciated them asking.

Michaela B. | North Royalton, OH

(Reviewed on 07/17/2023)

Ohio Mover's were extremely helpful, personable and prompt; they showed up on time and brought tools (dolly and power drill) to make the move go smoothly. My mover's were Tone and Trell; they moved my belongings quickly and with care. They also assisted us with removing a mounted tv from the wall and made sure all fragile items were packed appropriately before moving them. I highly recommend using this company.

Shakira B. | Westlake, OH

(Reviewed on 07/16/2023)

Overall the most unprofessional moving help we have ever used. The day before they asked to move up the time 3 hours. When I agreed to starting 2 hours earlier the movers were 45 minutes late. They were also wearing shirts from another moving company so I think this work gets subcontracted out. During the two hours, they were unable to unpack even 50 percent of the truck the original crew loaded in under 2 hours. They were slow, complaining about how heavy things were, and on their phones a bunch. On top of all that, they broke a piece off of a bar by trying to balance it on a dolly. As a consolation they offered to stay an additional 15 minutes but we’re so unprofessional we sent them on their way.

Josh L. | Smyrna, GA

(Reviewed on 07/14/2023)

I contacted the movers last minute and they both were so helpful and professional. They really came through and finished the job in the allotted time frame that was available.

Melissa M. | Columbia Station, OH

(Reviewed on 07/14/2023)

Eytan H. | Orlando, FL

(Reviewed on 07/14/2023)