Customer Reviews for EP Fast Movers

Maya P. | El paso, TX

(Reviewed on 10/15/2023)

Fast movers is right! They packed it and removed it faster than I could ever.

Edwin B. | El Paso, TX

(Reviewed on 09/30/2023)

The 2 men that came out were great! We were very happy with their service. Thank you!

Teresa M. | El Paso, TX

(Reviewed on 09/29/2023)

Nathaniel C. | El Paso, TX

(Reviewed on 07/20/2023)

Had to reschedule the packup

Nathaniel C. | El Paso, TX

(Reviewed on 07/20/2023)

Vanetta B. | Browns Summit, NC

(Reviewed on 07/03/2023)

The two young guys were professional and respectful.

Veronica P. | Las Vegas, NV

(Reviewed on 07/02/2023)

The job took too many hours (1 hour alone for refrigerator). They had no hand truck or dolly. Also they kept asking me the best way to load the uhaul which technically was their job.

Kimberly K. | Lampasas, TX

(Reviewed on 06/28/2023)

Alyssa G. | El Paso, TX

(Reviewed on 06/02/2023)

Fantastic crew! Punctual, professional and efficient.

MJ N. | El Paso, TX

(Reviewed on 05/26/2023)

They came and were super fast, efficient and overall careful with all my stuff!

Rene R. | El-Paso, TX

(Reviewed on 05/20/2023)

Both individuals lack packing experience. Unfortunately I could not monitor them the whole time. We had broken shelves which should have been loaded at the top. I had blankets which I had to remind them to use. They had never used tie down straps which I told them the refrigerator needed. They lack a lot of experience of keeping items tight against each other. They had never used an appliance dolly for the refrigerator and didn't know how to use the tie down straps. I had to tell them to use it...

Russ R. | White Sands, NM

(Reviewed on 01/26/2023)