Customer Reviews for Mommas Boy Movers

They were amazing. They went out of their way to help me make my move a success.

Kristine L. | Orem, UT

(Reviewed on 09/16/2023)

Ramon and Thomas are the most outstanding movers I have ever experienced, and I have moved a lot. They were clean, strong, fast, and had an amazing sense of dimension, right down to an eighth of an inch on a few things. Superior rating.

Gloria S. | Orem, UT

(Reviewed on 09/08/2023)

Everything was great. My only suggestions is to make sure some furniture is wrapped well so it doesn’t scratch. I don’t have the nicest stuff but I wouldn’t want someone else’s nice furniture to get scratched like mine did. It was just laid sideways on the floor of the truck without any padding on the bottom. It wasn’t too bad, but if I cared about that piece of furniture I would have definitely complained. Everything else was great. Fast, friendly and nice guys.

Russell O. | Vineyard, UT

(Reviewed on 09/06/2023)

Super enthusiastic movers with stamina and efficiency!! Cut our time in fourths!

Beau P. | Scottsdale, AZ

(Reviewed on 08/31/2023)

Thomas and Ramon were very professional and courteous. This is the first time moving was a pleasant experience.

claudia a. | Orem, UT

(Reviewed on 08/25/2023)

Amy S. | Henderson, NV

(Reviewed on 08/19/2023)

Andrew and Ramon did a great job unloading my 26’ truck into my house, garage, and patio. Almost got it done in the three hours allotted for but needed about 20 minutes more to completely finish the job (with my thumbs up for the added time charge). My only criticism is that they didn’t use the dolly or hand truck available to offload the man at boxes and crates which (along with the help I was providing) would have had them done within the three hours I hired their services for. For this reason I gave them four out of five stars in one category. Otherwise I am very happy with the results.

Kelly A. | Lake Stevens, WA

(Reviewed on 08/14/2023)

They did a great job! Even finished a bit earlier than expected. I would hire them again.

Todd M. | Lindon, UT

(Reviewed on 07/22/2023)

Steven R. | American Fork, UT

(Reviewed on 07/17/2023)

These were really nice guys, and I think they did their best. But I honestly do not think they were experienced enough. When I moved to my current place, I used a 26 foot moving truck, and three hours was plenty of time. This time I used a 20 foot moving truck, and we did not have enough space nor time. The guys eventually had to leave without finishing the job, and I had to finish a lot of it myself. So it’s hard for me to see what I paid for exactly. It’s OK to send younger staff to do a job, but there should be an adult around that knows what they’re doing.


(Reviewed on 07/15/2023)

I can't say enough good about Momma's Boys. On time, professional, cheerful, communicative, adaptable, ALL the things!

Robin S. | West Jordan, UT

(Reviewed on 07/14/2023)

They cheerfully did everything we asked.

Jennefer W. | Salt Lake City, UT

(Reviewed on 07/10/2023)