Customer Reviews for C&F Moving Services

My experience w C&F Moving was so extremely positive. Colin & Felicia are a great team. Felicia took initiative to call shortly after I booked--not a text, but a friendly call to introduce.She was responsive from start to end, touching base w professionalism & people-smarts. Can only theorize she was a highly-paid exec before starting this biz! Colin can claim impressive muscle among his talent contributions to the op. I tell you, he is STRONG, methodical, and polite as heck, w sharp people IQ. What really struck me was his total diligence, esp in pulling down the truck-back EVERY TIME he left it. At 1st, I thought it +maybe+ unnecessary. I then encountered someone quite 'off' outside & was immediately grateful for Colin's proactive approach. Prior to finding MovingHelp, I had well-known companies acting like they didn't want my business--ignoring even 1st inquiries--so mindblowing! I've zero hesitation recommending C&F Moving (& Right Choice). I'd book either again, no question.

Ryan F. | Long-Beach, CA

(Reviewed on 10/21/2023)

Dustin S. | Redondo Beach, CA

(Reviewed on 10/01/2023)

Dominique N. | Hawthorne, CA

(Reviewed on 06/30/2023)