Customer Reviews for Texas Moving Center

Armando and Greg were great! They showed up before time and got thr move done fast and efficiently.

Sydney M. | Houston, TX

(Reviewed on 01/31/2023)

Quick, neat, and friendly service! I would definitely recommend! Thank you guys

Marquette B. | Pasadena, TX

(Reviewed on 01/10/2023)

Arnando and team are GREAT! Professional HARD working guys! Thank you for making our move easy. Would definitely recommend them!

SIERRA V. | Houston, TX

(Reviewed on 01/06/2023)

Almost didn't believe the reviews, but they didn't do these guys justice. BELIEVE THE REVIEWS. These guys showed up early or on time every time. They then took nice care with all of our items, loaded them properly (Not a single item broken in a 3 BDRM house), and STILL finished 1.5 hours early to unload. this freed up so much of our day when unpacking and arranging our house. They were very nice and personable. Making us laugh the whole time and making conversation during the move. All very nice guys who I had no problem trusting in and out of my whole residence. I already asked them to book us for our next move when this lease is up, they're our new set moving company!

Bradley D. | Houston, TX

(Reviewed on 01/04/2023)

These movers took what is never a pleasant experience and got just about there. They were personable, trustworthy, and delicate with our items. Yet despite doing a fantastic job they still finished our entire job an hour early. This allowed us to completely not worry about the loading part of our move, so we could spend more time focusing on the rest of the home move.

Bradley D. | Houston, TX

(Reviewed on 01/04/2023)

The guys were awesome!

Shania H. | Houston, TX

(Reviewed on 12/28/2022)

Excellent.Would definitely use them again.No tip since the two hour job only took 40 minutes!

kenny C. | Humble., TX

(Reviewed on 12/14/2022)

They did a good job! One guy short the first hour, but they made up the time. Thank you for making our move possible.

Regina C. | Houston, TX

(Reviewed on 11/28/2022)

Showed up 5 hours late and left me to unload my truck in the rain.

Zyeesha J. | Missouri City, TX

(Reviewed on 11/04/2022)

Awesome experience and efficient guys


(Reviewed on 10/28/2022)

Excellent! Highly recommend them!

Valentina J. | Pittstown, NJ

(Reviewed on 10/24/2022)

Furniture super scratched and it must have been done just while moving out of the building as nothing was stacked onto it. They also poorly positioned the desk which broke the controls and is $60 to replace. I am pissed. They rushed to get the job done early and now it will cost me. They also made inappropriate comments about my mom. Do not recommend.

Ryan G. | Portage, MI

(Reviewed on 09/05/2022)