Customer Reviews for Trusty Dad Moving LLC

Really communicative beforehand and super fast service on the day of. I lived on the third floor and it was about 90 degrees outside, but they were super fast. UBox was packed to the brim and very efficiently.

Debbie N. | Medford, MA

(Reviewed on 07/14/2024)

Very friendly and they did an amazing job, made the entire experience much less stressful!

Ariana V. | Boston, MA

(Reviewed on 07/12/2024)

Garvin S. | Williston, ND

(Reviewed on 07/07/2024)

Trusty Dads did great. Took a bit to figure out what time they'd arrive because they had other jobs, but once they did arrive, they were fast, professional, and extremely good packers. When I realized my stuff wouldn't all fit into one UBox, within the hour, Trusty Dads sent their second crew to pick up a second box, bring it to me, and load it up. They were also friendly and nice to my cat!

Dana L. | Cambridge, MA

(Reviewed on 07/07/2024)

Fernanda M. | Framingham, MA

(Reviewed on 07/05/2024)

Was originally scheduled to move a day earlier, but was told they wouldn’t be able to make it due to other jobs scheduled and my loading dock was scheduled for a specific time. However, they came the day after and quickly unloaded my belongings into my apartment. In person, they were great and my stuff got here in one piece! Just note that your communication prior to the move will predominately be through text messaging. Overall besides the minor delay, they did a great job and would highly recommend.

Praveen P. | Coppell, TX

(Reviewed on 07/01/2024)

Elyse G. | Denver, CO

(Reviewed on 06/30/2024)

Miguel and Anthony were excellent. 5 stars.

Paul S. | North Andover, MA

(Reviewed on 06/30/2024)

Awesome. Communicative, professional, respectful. They came prepared with blankets and were able to help move and dissasemble tricky furniture that barely fit in our apartment. They were also able to fit a lot into each of our u-haul cubes. I highly recommend Trusty Dad for all your moving needs.

Isabella N. | Cambridge, MA

(Reviewed on 06/29/2024)

Lovely guys, super helpful.

Rachel K. | Providence, RI

(Reviewed on 06/27/2024)

Great experience!

Elizabeth M. | Mobile, AL

(Reviewed on 06/27/2024)

Lucas A. | Everett, MA

(Reviewed on 06/27/2024)