Customer Reviews for Sun-West Moving

Brian R. | Austin, TX

(Reviewed on 01/20/2020)

Janiece H. | Round Rock, TX

(Reviewed on 01/20/2020)

Nathan C. | Austin, TX

(Reviewed on 01/19/2020)

Awesome job! They were prompt (Actually Early) got the job done early and made it look easy! I would absolutely hire them again! For the great job they did I feel their rate was a steal! Thanks!

Khayree W. | Kentwood, MI

(Reviewed on 01/05/2020)

This company was late and after exactly 2 hours the man came and told me well our time is up and we have to leave . There are "some" boxes left in the truck and left. Me and my dad were left to unload the rest of the truck about 40 boxes and a mattress. Very impersonable . I will never use this comp

Hope G. | Austin, TX

(Reviewed on 01/03/2020)

It would have been nice for them to have ways to guard from dings along railings, floors, etc. I used my own blankets to cover my carpet and walls.

Erin B. | Sunnyvale, CA

(Reviewed on 01/01/2020)

Careful and efficient! Really appreciate your help today-Merry Christmas guys

Sherri G. | Del Valle, TX

(Reviewed on 12/21/2019)

They did not pack the truck correctly. Damage was done to multiple pieces. They ignored my requests to pack the weight of the truck correctly. They were slow. This was the worst, most frustrating moving experience I’ve ever had.

Sponge H. | Austin, TX

(Reviewed on 12/08/2019)

Very professional, reliable, accommodating and on time! I'd recommend them any time!

Raluca F. | Austin, TX

(Reviewed on 12/05/2019)

These guys are great! Very careful with all items and super efficient.

Brian K. | Austin, TX

(Reviewed on 11/30/2019)

Reza A. | Austin, TX

(Reviewed on 11/25/2019)

The 2 gentlemen who showed up were on time and very courteous. The did an outstanding job unloading the U-HAUL truck and put everything were we wanted it. I would not hesitate to recommend them!

Julie L. | Del Rio, TX

(Reviewed on 11/25/2019)