Customer Reviews for Bulls Brothers Moving, LLC.

Hard to say where the disconnect happened but all WE KNOW.. is helpers showed up at 7:00am and left right at 11:00am (we were scheduled for 8:30am - 12:30am) - got 2 out of the 4 hours they were paid for and 2 extremely expensive furniture items were broken

Jacob C. | Lubbock, TX

(Reviewed on 08/02/2022)

Sadly, they did not do a good job for us. They called the day before the move to inform us of an additional $90 charge for travel. This should have been clarified up front. They were due at our home at 8am. At 8:15 they called to say they were 45 minutes away. They did not pack our items securely an

Andrew H. | Plainview, TX

(Reviewed on 07/25/2018)

1- they made us pay more before they ever started the job, said that we had put in the wrong information. I wanted to cancel but could not find anyone else for that day. They dented and scratched my new refrigerator. They also damaged our entertainment center front fight top has a gash and so does t

Beniece A. | Lubbock, TX

(Reviewed on 07/23/2018)

David M. | Chicago, IL

(Reviewed on 06/27/2018)

Jeremiah was great!! I liked his service. Friendly and he knew what I wanted.. Thank you so much...

Carmen G. | Plainview, TX

(Reviewed on 05/25/2018)

Additional fee for being on the second floor - was not disclosed until the day before the actual move. I recommend that you include this on the disclosure when customer is choosing moving services. Sent only two man same crew to pack and load. As we are on time constraints, we ended up packing and

Aniceta M. | Harlingen, TX

(Reviewed on 01/07/2018)

This crew were prompt, worked diligently and were very careful with our belongings. They provided good advice, were professional and completed a difficult job quickly and efficiently.

Catherine P. | Dorchester, ON

(Reviewed on 08/01/2017)

Bulls Brothers did a great job loading our truck. Very fast and efficient!! Thanks!

Leon S. | Plainview, TX

(Reviewed on 08/01/2017)

So glad to have the help! They did a great job!

Gregory F. | Plano, TX

(Reviewed on 07/26/2017)

Couldn't be more grateful for their help! Great job!

Martha Z. | Lubbock, Tx

(Reviewed on 06/16/2017)

I really appreciated the last minute help!

Elisabeth W. | Lubbock, TX

(Reviewed on 06/11/2017)

Worked very quickly. Able to empty my one bedroom apartment and a storage unit in a 1 1/2hrs. Loaded up everything well - even the company I had unload commented on how well the loaders did.

Cara C. | Lubbock, TX

(Reviewed on 06/06/2017)