Customer Reviews for Best Movers

They were very efficient and great communication

Adam A. | Atlanta, GA

(Reviewed on 12/04/2023)

When the movers showed, the man didn’t indicate who he was, I had to ask.As we began discussing where the best place was to park the UHaul, we have 3 doors to the house & wanted to get movers’ input to accommodate the best we could.When he suggested backing the HUGE truck into the yard up to the house, my mother & I weren’t ok with that because it had been rainy for days and we already had to fill holes in the yard. The man instantly got irate and made statements-‘I’M NOT ABOUT TO ARGUE, YOU ONLY GOT ME FOR TWO HRS, I GOTTA BE AT ANOTHER JOB, YOU WANT MY HELP OR NOT, YOU GONNA GIVE ME THE KEYS SO I CAN MOVE THE TRUCK OR NOT?!’ He became irate instantly just from me trying to have a simple, needed discussion to even get started. We had no other choice but allow them in our home because I’m pregnant & could not handle the maneuvering with my mom. Uncomfortable and felt unsafe in my own home from shocking unprofessionalism. Left four MAJOR items for us to move ourselves.


(Reviewed on 12/04/2023)

Friendly and efficient. Definitely recommend.

FRANK C. | Jeffersonville, IN

(Reviewed on 12/02/2023)

The best movers ever and they did a wonderful job. We like to use them again in January when I move in mi new home. Thank you for a job well done.

Devina J. | New Albany, IN

(Reviewed on 11/28/2023)

Great job!

Christopher B. | Louisville, KY

(Reviewed on 11/19/2023)

Do not use best movers very rude and unprofessional. If I could give them a big fat 0 I would.They put a lock on my uhaul box when I called to get the combination I was cussed out and lied too, they told me they did not put a lock on both boxes, when we stood there and watched them put the locks on. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!

tempest p. | Denver, CO

(Reviewed on 11/16/2023)

The movers were fast, efficient, and very nice. I would highly recommend them.

Brandy V. | Louisville, KY

(Reviewed on 11/15/2023)

These two seemed very experienced!! They were quick in loading and unloading my trailer for my mom’s move to assisted-living. I would definitely recommend and use them again!

Cortney C. | New Albany, IN

(Reviewed on 11/11/2023)

Christopher B. | Charlestown, IN

(Reviewed on 11/06/2023)

Timely on arrival, quick service, very careful while working and packed truck neatly and organized for easy unpacking.

NICHELLE M. | Louisville, KY

(Reviewed on 10/29/2023)

Erwin B. | Hanover, MD

(Reviewed on 10/20/2023)

They were excellent and worked hard to fit everything in the 10’ truck (and they did!)! I would use them again in a heartbeat! Thx so much for making our day go so well!!

Beverly H. | Lincoln, NE

(Reviewed on 10/06/2023)