Customer Reviews for Veteran Moving Guys

Movers were great! They moved efficiently and were very careful with my belongings.

Chelsea B. | Houston, TX

(Reviewed on 06/08/2024)

Awesome service

Ryan B. | Houston, TX

(Reviewed on 06/02/2024)

Communication was great at first. I got a text right away. The day the movers came, a storm blew in. They were sent away until the storm resided. We had issues trying to get them back so we texted. The owner who was not with the movers turned into a jerk about the issue, but the moving guys were VERY awesome once they came back and got it all moved. Seems the storm threw off the owners schedule and he was not willing to communicate as well as he did in the beginning. Great service as long as no weather issues arise; otherwise, you have to deal with the owner. Kick the owner. Keep the guys! Tip the guys. Not in the app. That way the owner doesn’t get it.

Emily O. | Hockley, TX

(Reviewed on 05/31/2024)

ThexGuys showed up on time and did a great job.. thankz

RONALD H. | Deer Park, TX

(Reviewed on 05/30/2024)

Isaiah and Jaylyn were punctual, dependable, and hustlers. We couldn't be more pleased.

Kristina B. | Tijeras, NM

(Reviewed on 05/29/2024)

Vernelle J. | Tampa, FL

(Reviewed on 05/29/2024)

Amazing and professional!

Amber F. | Casper, WY

(Reviewed on 05/26/2024)

The helpers were amazing! Very fast and careful with unloading all my furniture. Highly recommend

JESSICA N. | El Paso, TX

(Reviewed on 05/25/2024)

Richard M. | Mobile, AL

(Reviewed on 05/18/2024)

Maurice G. | Garland, TX

(Reviewed on 05/11/2024)

I am a proud former student of the illustrious Texas Southern University to find out that the owner of this company was a graduate was totally great. I’m so excited. They did a very professional job. They came on time. All of my stuff is in one place in one piece I’m totally satisfied with the service provided to me, they did a very, very good job. Totally impressed and I’m recommending them to everybody. I know moving locally and outside the state.

Marcus C. | Lawrenceville, GA

(Reviewed on 04/20/2024)

Excellent service


(Reviewed on 03/31/2024)