Customer Reviews for Safe Moving

Darreon R. | Belleville, IL

(Reviewed on 09/08/2023)

Kasey L. | St-Louis, MO

(Reviewed on 09/05/2023)

Hannah R. | St Louis, MO

(Reviewed on 08/26/2023)

They communicated well and kept us imformed but they were later than they said they would br. They were fast and very good at getting everything taken to the different rooms. I would use rhem again.

Sarah G. | Pittsburgh, PA

(Reviewed on 07/22/2023)

They did a professional job of unloading and making sure that the furniture and boxes were placed just where we wanted them. They worked quickly in humid weather. They were an hour late in arriving and did not communicate their ETA well which was frustrating. Once they arrived it was great.

RICHARD S. | Loveland, CO

(Reviewed on 07/17/2023)

Ankur P. | ofallon, IL

(Reviewed on 07/16/2023)

Ankur P. | ofallon, IL

(Reviewed on 07/16/2023)

Alden S. | St Louis, MO

(Reviewed on 07/08/2023)

Great team, hard working people! They moved a 400 pound glass table without issue. However, they were an hour late due to a job running over. Not the end of the world, but would have appreciated communication in advance.

Jacqueline S. | St. Louis, MO

(Reviewed on 07/06/2023)

Timely, communicated, and were prompt. The other good thing is that they packed the ubox tight and managed to make everything fit, including things I didn't think would fit. However, they didn't follow a suggestion I made, either to make things fit or for whatever reason, and one item ended up damaged.

Christelle M. | Saint Louis, MO

(Reviewed on 07/05/2023)

A little late showing up but got the job done quickly and safe

David D. | Belleville, IL

(Reviewed on 06/26/2023)

I rarely write online reviews, but in this case I feel compelled to do so. Antwoine and John of Safe Moving are exceptional. The movers I had help on the front end of the move were friendly but somewhat incompetent, and WAY overcharged. Safe Moving’s Antwoine and John handled our belongings with purpose and CARE. They’re both strong, competent, thoughtful, decent, kind, and professional. I would use them again in a heartbeat! Thanks!

Harold R. | Edwardsville, IL

(Reviewed on 06/02/2023)