Customer Reviews for Taylor and Son's

Mediocre experience. They were 5 hours late, they notified me the just before they were supposed to show up. The guys were exhausted and moved so slowly. I don’t blame them because apparently they got worked hard on a prior job. The owner said the third mover was included because of tardiness. But to be honest almost every group of 2 movers I’ve ever used for much more done than this company. Again, the guys were tired. Despite the slow movement, I needed help so I kept them an extra hour. I even had neighbors come help. The owner called me less than an hour later requesting another one hundred thirty dollars for that extra hour. Don’t recommend this company. I felt sorry for the guys who were clearly overworked but it cost way too much for the amount of work that got done. Mind you, myself and neighbors were helping. The call for extra money ticked me off. Just unpacked, tons of damage on the move, poorly loaded. So much ruined furniture.

Mitchell B. | Middletown, DE

(Reviewed on 06/03/2023)

Max T. | New Whiteland, IN

(Reviewed on 06/02/2023)

Great job helping me move in, very quick and efficient, and accommodated my delay in arrival

Grant C. | Dix Hills, NY

(Reviewed on 06/01/2023)

The three young men who came were very personable. However we did have some issues. The first issue was when we asked them to wrap our furniture. I was repeatedly told we will take care of it. As it turned out my husband and I ended up wrapping our furniture to the best of our ability. We had ordered 48 blanket to ensure that we had enough. Not even half we’re used. The loaded our entertainment unit without taking the glass out nor wrapping it. Things were out on top without being secured. We had a 12 hour drive. When we arrived at our location we had movers unpack us and the had big problems because the items shifted. They said who packed this truck? They are not professional movers because of the way things shifted. The loose items moved and the entire load of boxes moved toward the end of the truck. They had to support the wall of boxes because as soon as they started removing items the entire load fell forward. The rows of boxes were never strapped or anchored. Not professionals.

Manuela W. | Douglassville, PA

(Reviewed on 06/01/2023)

The workers were extremely helpful. Unfortunately for us the elevator wasn’t working and we lived on the 5th floor. They were still able to move everything out of our 15’ U-haul in a little bit over 2 hours.

Gregoire L. | Lehigh Acres, FL

(Reviewed on 05/31/2023)

They were absolutely wonderful!! They did an amazing job!! I feel bad because I am terrible with names but the guys were all great!!!


(Reviewed on 05/31/2023)

College B. | Phoenix, AZ

(Reviewed on 05/31/2023)

Friendly, hard working. I'd definitely use them again for my next move.

Wayne C. | NEWTOWN, PA

(Reviewed on 05/28/2023)

Felicia B. | Baltimore, MD

(Reviewed on 05/27/2023)

Franklin, DJ and Chad arrived on time, were polite, friendly and very helpful. They did such a great job packing the truck we were able to take more than we had anticipated.


(Reviewed on 05/26/2023)

Taylor and Sons did a poor job of communicating when our helpers would arrive, creating additional stress during our move. However, when Sher'ron and Marlon arrived they were worth the wait. We were overly tired and out of patience but this team put up with us, put us at ease, and did a top-notch job. We are so fortunate that Sher'ron and Marlon came to our rescue. Taylor and Son's dispatcher could have made this a much nicer experience by simply being honest about when they could realistically arrive. A big thanks to this professional pair.

Lawrence V. | St. George, UT

(Reviewed on 05/25/2023)

Tejaswini M. | Chester Springs, PA

(Reviewed on 05/25/2023)