Customer Reviews for P&T Sales

Doug and Brian were excellent - very professional, hard workers who were polite and accommodating. I already provided Doug and Brian with tips after the move-out was complete.

James M. | Forest City, IA

(Reviewed on 04/18/2020)

P & T Movers were so helpful, and especially with super short notice too. The owner was so nice and welcoming to our new town, and the 2 moving helpers were very polite. They worked hard and followed every instruction/request we had. I highly recommend them to anyone needing moving help. Thank you

Mary D. | Mason City, IA

(Reviewed on 11/09/2019)

The company hired two highschoolers and a Marine veteran, all worked hard, but the highschoolers are not experienced to pack furniture and the materials provided to them were not sufficient. The P&T Sales did not provide moving packing blankets as agreed on the contract, so we only used personal lin

Sherilyn H. | Mason City, IA

(Reviewed on 08/02/2019)

Larry M. | Mason City, IA

(Reviewed on 07/08/2019)

The guys did a great job with my move. I will be using them again during my next move. Overall I was very happy with the service.

Christopher A. | Glassboro, NJ

(Reviewed on 06/18/2019)

The guys worked very fast and very hard, I am pleased with their services! I do, however, wish they would have had the dollys the service guy and I discussed they would need as everything was upstairs... I sure hope they got paid well, cus it was a lot of work and all upstairs on a very hot day!

Peggy C. | Milford, IA

(Reviewed on 06/08/2019)

Doug was fantastic

Sandra L. | Lake Nebagamon, WI

(Reviewed on 05/02/2019)

There were two guys. One guy was awesome and experienced. The other guy was substandard. He dropped our furniture and was very unprofessional. Also, they took apart furniture that had no business coming apart and mixed all of the hardware. One last thing, they brought a furniture dolly, did not use

Jeff L. | Auburn, IN

(Reviewed on 03/10/2019)

They called when running late. They worked hard in the snow with no complaints. It was tough - but got the job done.

Raymond T. | Leesburg, VA

(Reviewed on 04/19/2018)

Dave and Jake were great! They were careful with our belongings, but still very expeditious and friendly. We would recommend them to anyone!

Deborah A. | Forest City, IA

(Reviewed on 11/19/2017)

They scheduled my appointment at 9:00am. They never showed and after many calls, I went to their office and they showed up at 10:15. Put scratches all down my walls. Not a good experience

Amanda D. | Belmond, IA

(Reviewed on 10/31/2017)

They were accomodating and kind. My issue was they left a few dent in walls from moving items and also left black foot marks on white sofa. Could have been more careful.

joe k. | clear lake, ia

(Reviewed on 10/29/2017)