Customer Reviews for Bargain Movers

They showed up a couple hours late due to a personnel issue. In the end the job was done well.

Max W. | Worcester, MA

(Reviewed on 08/30/2021)

Sachin B. | Westborough, MA

(Reviewed on 08/17/2021)

Ans I. | Washington, DC

(Reviewed on 08/10/2021)

Ezra S. | Pasadena, CA

(Reviewed on 08/09/2021)

Imogen S. | Somerville, MA

(Reviewed on 08/09/2021)

They came on time, finished everything quick and did more than I thought they could during loading of my stuff.

Abdullah B. | Shrewsbury, MA

(Reviewed on 08/09/2021)

Got the job done quickly!

Mary L. | Bardonia, NY

(Reviewed on 08/08/2021)

I appreciated that they came after 3 hours of delay. They are not fit for this job. Not physically fit and slow. If you book them then make sure to book for 4 hours as they are slow. My friend ordered a different one who lived in the other bedroom. They are like rockets. Did everything in two hours.

Manob S. | Melrose, MA

(Reviewed on 08/04/2021)

Guys were great moving my things. Very professional. I ended up not booking them for enough time but they moved as fast as they could to do as much as they could. Would hire again.

Derek E. | Worcester, MA

(Reviewed on 08/04/2021)

We needed to email and phone the mover several times, but did finally get in touch with the dispatcher 48 hours before the scheduled service. The actual movers arrived 30 minutes early, and worked hard for 2 full hours. They were courteous, hard working, and handled everything with care. Definitely


(Reviewed on 08/03/2021)

Fantastic service and experience. I would definitely use them again for any move I have in the future.

Jonathan C. | Willington, CT

(Reviewed on 08/03/2021)

We booked the night before our move but they were able to help us. Our scheduled time changed but we were updated by one of the movers on there status and eta

Rebecca S. | Marcellus, NY

(Reviewed on 08/03/2021)