Customer Reviews for Reliable Movers

Good fast


(Reviewed on 06/29/2024)

All 3 of them were absolutely amazing. They are incredibly kind, careful, and efficient. It wouldn't be possible to find anyone better than them.

Tayler S. | Bluffton, SC

(Reviewed on 06/26/2024)

Youseon J. | Los Angeles, CA

(Reviewed on 06/23/2024)

Great group of guys.

Joseph B. | San Jose, CA

(Reviewed on 06/19/2024)

Phenomenal people. They Worked above and beyond to accommodate my move since I was coming from another city so my schedule to get at location with my uhaul wasn't predictable. They unloaded the truck no problem within 2-3 hours but they had a really long walk from my apartment to the truck. They were super nice , they didn't complain about this and just made it happen. I'll hire them again for sure! Thanks guys!

Mustapha Z. | Santa-Rosa, CA

(Reviewed on 06/18/2024)

Best movers & Super strong ! Polite and on time ! I am amazed at how much work they did within 6 hrs !! I got them food and drinks and told them to take a Gatorade break because it was so much we had to get done and their help was AWESOME ! I’m so glad i hired you guys ! And thank you for being super legit.

Fernanda A. | Whittier, CA

(Reviewed on 06/17/2024)

The guys were so nice ! On time ! Extremely polite ! Very helpful ! And I’m so amazed by how much work they did ! Not 1 complaint ! They carried very heavy stuff and helped us tons !!! This is the first time I’ve hired movers and I’m so glad i did ! Made my life so much easier yesterday! It was so much stuff i scheduled 4 hrs of their work and ended up needing them for 6hrs ! I did not mind paying the extra !! I wanted to thank them and got them pizza and drinks for their hard work during Fathers Day! They really are the best! Thank you

Fernanda A. | Whittier, CA

(Reviewed on 06/17/2024)

Excellent work for Josh and Jason. They add extra care when they are handling the furnitures from loading and unloading process. Thank you.

robella a. | Orange, CA

(Reviewed on 06/09/2024)

Ada W. | Irvine, CA

(Reviewed on 06/08/2024)

Great attitudes and very patient with my grandmother.

Marcelina P. | Lunenburg, MA

(Reviewed on 06/01/2024)

Jason and Josh crushed it. They created a very positive experience around my move-in and were very productive with their time

ZACKARY W. | Scottsdale, AZ

(Reviewed on 05/15/2024)

Went above and beyond helping! Even put my IKEA bed frame together without instructions! Chandler and Justin rock!

Jaden G. | Sacramento, CA

(Reviewed on 05/13/2024)