Customer Reviews for Don & Co Movers

gerald t. | St Paul, MN

(Reviewed on 09/19/2019)

Don & Co did an excellent job unloading the UBox despite lack of parking and small spaces. Would use again.

James M. | Minneapolis, MN

(Reviewed on 08/27/2019)

Movers were unprepared, and inefficient. Did a terrible job on the unload, not stacking things, etc, so that half of our belongings took up the entire storage space. Would not use again.

Chris H. | St Louis Park, MN

(Reviewed on 08/04/2019)

Don & Co was great, was an hour late, but we made it happen. Would definitely use again.

MATT B. | Plymouth, MN

(Reviewed on 07/31/2019)

Spent literally 30 minutes attempting to park on a street with plenty of room, after agreeing to show at 9am and not showing until noon. But once they were ready, they were hard working and good at packing the box.

Morgan B. | Saint Paul, MN

(Reviewed on 07/23/2019)

Rob S. | Minneapolis, MN

(Reviewed on 07/22/2019)

had a glitch to begin with, the uhaul customer contact, didn't give uhaul my 109. charge, so had to drive there, got started about 2 hrs. later, but the movers were friendly and loaded things up in no time.

Diane L H. | Grand Junction, CO

(Reviewed on 07/21/2019)

Good polite workers .. prompt.. got the job done on time .. careful .. would request them again.

Gary R. | Burnsville, MN

(Reviewed on 07/16/2019)

Everything was done on time. Responded well to my requests and was very helpful.

Danimon K. | Phoenix, AZ

(Reviewed on 07/04/2019)

Donald and Edwin are fantastic!!! They were fast and efficient and friendly. Highly recommend.

Whitney P. | Crystal Bay, MN

(Reviewed on 06/29/2019)

Great guys. Worked really fast and got a bunch done.

Jeff F. | West Fargo, ND

(Reviewed on 06/14/2019)

The movers were extremely slow. A two hour job turned into five hours and we had to unload the last quarter of the truck ourselves. One mover had to constantly tell the other one what to do. Our one bedroom duplex should have been much, much quicker as most of our stuff was packed and in the garage.

REBECCA K J. | St Louis Park, MN

(Reviewed on 06/02/2019)