Customer Reviews for Chevy Lovers

They definitely prioritized speed and were able to quickly move all of our stuff, and responded in a reasonably timely manner to provide same-day service. However, they didn't pay very close attention to their work and we now have numerous marks on our walls from where they bumped furniture against

Kathleen S. | Coalinga, CA

(Reviewed on 07/10/2020)


Michael P. | Clovis, CA

(Reviewed on 07/08/2020)

LORENZO T. | Cupertino, CA

(Reviewed on 07/04/2020)

Barbara R. | fullerton, Ca

(Reviewed on 07/03/2020)

They are very flexible and very friendly. Def recommended

KATARINA S. | Fresno, CA

(Reviewed on 06/25/2020)

Jorge V. | Los Angeles, CA

(Reviewed on 05/26/2020)

They were really nice.

Daniela G. | Coalinga, CA

(Reviewed on 05/26/2020)

Great job

Bijan A. | Bakersfield, CA

(Reviewed on 05/24/2020)

Great movers

Brad M. | Visalia, CA

(Reviewed on 05/04/2020)

We would highly recommend them to anyone needing help.

Nora C. | Visalia, CA

(Reviewed on 04/29/2020)

FRAZIER A. | Bakersfield, CA

(Reviewed on 04/20/2020)

TIMOTHY P. | San Diego, CA

(Reviewed on 04/11/2020)