Customer Reviews for Allied Veterans Moving Specialists

Clay and Tommy were very good at completing tasks and finding me to find out what next needs to be done. They worked well and were very personable. Thank you very much. Dee Fly/AGMS

Dee F. | Leander, TX

(Reviewed on 10/21/2019)

Very professional and thorough

Sharon E. | Cedar Park, TX

(Reviewed on 09/23/2019)

Jerry was fantastic..!! He was professional, hard worker and extremely careful. Worked well with family & friends amid a somewhat disorganized move.

Teresa W. | Taylor, TX

(Reviewed on 09/21/2019)

Kim L. | Huntington, IN

(Reviewed on 09/04/2019)

The movers were great! They were quick, flexible with changing plans and awkward items/doors, and really friendly.

Matthew T. | Austin, TX

(Reviewed on 09/02/2019)

One guy was 20 minutes late. They were nice guys. They were a bit slow for me in packing truck. I wasn't happy that I was charged an additional $50, eventhough they started loading truck 30 minutes late.

Catharine S. | Pflugerville, TX

(Reviewed on 08/25/2019)

Zachary S. | Corpus Christi, TX

(Reviewed on 08/15/2019)

Clay and Daylen (sp?) were professional and very hard working. We were very pleased with their performance.

JAY W. | Memphis, TN

(Reviewed on 08/04/2019)

I had 3 guys hired. One got there 30 minutes late. Another spent 30 minutes on his phone, by my count, because he had his car stolen the day before. When it came time to stay later because they had not put in their time, they couldn't because the next customer could not be inconvenienced!! So my wif

Michael L. | Austin, TX

(Reviewed on 08/04/2019)

Sherri L. | Irving, TX

(Reviewed on 08/03/2019)

Allied Veterans was the best moving team I’ve ever worked with. They made a point of actually asking where I wanted things, and were more concerned with things being where I wanted them than just unloading the truck. I can not recommend them enough!

EMILY GRACE C. | Morrisville, NC

(Reviewed on 08/02/2019)

Matthew C. | Springfield, IL

(Reviewed on 08/01/2019)