Customer Reviews for Sauria's Efficient Movers

Original movers tried to push to the next morning, but they came through and did a great job.

Hadiah S. | Englewood, TN

(Reviewed on 09/24/2023)

The guys took a long time to empty a small storage locker. Felt we could have easily knocked it out with a little bit of hustle. We eventually got most everything loaded.

Robert B. | Lake Ozark, MO

(Reviewed on 09/24/2023)

Becky F. | Pottersville, MO

(Reviewed on 08/23/2023)


Seonjun K. | Richmond, VA

(Reviewed on 07/28/2023)

Wonderful experience. They went above and beyond to help with everything. Highly recommended!

Jennifer V. | Palm Bay, FL

(Reviewed on 07/01/2023)

The movers were friendly and did an excellent job. No issue on that portion. Did not like the way the owner handled a call and forced me to make a payment to them directly for more than on the app for a full extra hour when it was not even more than 20-30 minutes over. As well as made me pay his service fee for the inconvenience they made me go through, so it ended up being more for the extra ‘hour’ than uhaul charged me an hour. Again, movers were great, just didn’t like the way things wrapped up.

Dallas W. | Mountain Home, AR

(Reviewed on 06/17/2023)

Excellent careful job. Very professional and delicate.

Richard B. | Leavenworth, KS

(Reviewed on 06/03/2023)

Ryan W. | Waynesville, MO

(Reviewed on 05/01/2023)

They work fast.

Sanjay G. | Glenridge, NJ

(Reviewed on 04/07/2023)

The guys were professional and moved quickly. Highly recommended!

TRANG D. | Davenport, IA

(Reviewed on 03/31/2023)

The two gentlemen that unloaded the truck did a great job. We had to separate sections for storage since there were 2 person's furniture, etc. They were very professional and actually unloaded the truck in 2 hours instead of the 3 that I had hired them for. Definitely would recommend them.

Fran K. | Watertown, TN

(Reviewed on 03/16/2023)

Danette J. | Saint Robert, MO

(Reviewed on 03/14/2023)