Customer Reviews for B's care service

Guys were awesome! I would totally recommend their service!

Robert R. | Meridian, ID

(Reviewed on 10/20/2019)

Wow, these guys were amazing. They did more work in three hours than my wife and I could do in an entire day. Plus, they moved our upright piano!

Christopher R. | Ontario, OR

(Reviewed on 10/20/2019)

The guys that come out to help us unload our truck were efficient, professional, and courteous. They did a great job!

Deborah D. | Boise, ID

(Reviewed on 10/09/2019)

The movers that we hired for 2 hours got upset when they found out we needed to load a trailer with r 10 x 20 storage unit even though we specifically said that that was what we wanted. When they were almost done are two expensive TVs were still not loaded and there wasn't room for them or four are

Stephanie S. | AUBURN, CA

(Reviewed on 10/05/2019)

The guys went above and beyond to protect our house and property wonderful service would not hesitate to use them again Thank you very much. Rod

Rodney M. | Middleton, ID

(Reviewed on 09/14/2019)

We paid the minimum 2 hr fee, the job took less than 30 minutes therefore we did not offer a tip. Thanks

Jacquelyn F. | Boise, ID

(Reviewed on 09/08/2019)

LeeAnna M. | Nampa, ID

(Reviewed on 08/28/2019)

I was glad to have received 3 helpers for the price of two. They packed up my storage pretty quickly and on time. They weren't super friendly or courteous, but the truck got loaded and nothing was damaged.

Jeff M. | Boise, ID

(Reviewed on 08/21/2019)

Very professional, fast and safe. I’d recommend them anytime!

Jeff J. | Ontario, OR

(Reviewed on 08/17/2019)

The men moving our things, Chris and Nick were great, but the business owner scheduled moves way too close together! They were 2 hours late, with no communication. I will never use them again!

Rosemarie F. | Golden, CO

(Reviewed on 08/11/2019)

Really appreciated the help. They did a great job.

Kim R. | Antelope, CA

(Reviewed on 08/10/2019)

Patricia P. | Council, ID

(Reviewed on 08/10/2019)