Customer Reviews for Smart's Labor And Moving Company

Sierra B. | Sharpsburg, GA

(Reviewed on 08/02/2021)

Carolyn R. | Statesville, NC

(Reviewed on 08/01/2021)

Albert G. | Waxhaw, NC

(Reviewed on 07/30/2021)

I requested their services last minute and they made it happen. Service was excellent and professional. Thank you!!!!

Kimberly D. | Concord, NC

(Reviewed on 07/30/2021)

Excellent service. Very professional and nice. They did a great job cleaning and packing. They went above and beyond our expectations. I will use them again and refer them to others.

Carla S. | Midland, NC

(Reviewed on 09/18/2017)

Shawn-lead guy, left the job after 5 mins.His movers who loaded my stuff were temp guys who had no clue what they were doing.One guy broke the legs on 1 of my bedroom dressers.Good thing was the price

James I. | Charlotte, NC

(Reviewed on 09/08/2016)

Excellent service, hard working crew

Frederick G P. | Jackson, MS

(Reviewed on 08/29/2016)

Excellent , We will use Sean and Jason again

Lucinda L. | Fort Mill, SC

(Reviewed on 08/06/2016)

Excellent I will be using him for my next move.

Lisa G. | Charlotte, NC

(Reviewed on 08/03/2016)