Customer Reviews for Priority Movers

Michaele S. | Los Angeles, CA

(Reviewed on 09/12/2020)


(Reviewed on 09/12/2020)

Rebekah R. | Lawndale, CA

(Reviewed on 09/07/2020)

Michael A. | Stockton, CA

(Reviewed on 08/01/2020)

Michael A. | Alta loma, ca

(Reviewed on 09/04/2019)

I was assigned two movers to help transload a damaged trailer. They had started work before I arrived putting the items in the opposite order that they were loaded in the first trailer. They continued this until they found out that they couldn't make everything fit. During the process of taking thi

Thomas S. | Phoenix, AZ

(Reviewed on 09/03/2019)

Multiple things were damaged, including a lamp from my grandmother. They also scratched paint of the wall in 6 places and left without mentioning it. They have since fixed the paint issue, but I haven't received the promised refund for these issues.

Mikelle L. | Murrieta, CA

(Reviewed on 05/08/2019)

Alexander G. | Thousand Oaks, CA

(Reviewed on 09/26/2018)

Andrew A. | Porter Ranch, CA

(Reviewed on 09/01/2018)

The guys were professional and did a nice job. Everything got done. My only comment of improvement: we were only 1 mike from the new location and I, admittedly, had a uhaul that was too small for everything. Instead of just taking two easy trips, they spent an extra 20 minutes trying to get everythi

Maureen S. | LOS ANGELES, CA

(Reviewed on 08/09/2018)

Beverly G. | Newport Beach, CA

(Reviewed on 07/14/2018)

The moving crew were fast and friendly. Highly recommend!

Justin M. | Apache Junction, AZ

(Reviewed on 07/13/2018)